It is seemingly agreed in the astronomy world that there exists “black holes” amidst the galaxies and star lights of the skies of space. It is said that these black holes harbor such density that space matter once sucked into their endless power pit of dark forces can never escape except perhaps for the smallest release of energy leaks.

The force fields of these black holes are said to be so great that even light cannot escape. Assuming that black holes are generally what some scientist say they are….. if light was able to escape, would that light, having experienced the perturbations of torque retain its wave and quantum form? In other words, would that escaped light still be light, or would it have become transformed into a kind of black light or dark energy?

The example of black holes and their mysterious forces of darkness existing amidst the brightly shining stars of the heavens of space, in a certain kind of way speak of an on-going “war in heaven” between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.

The human mind with it’s dual consciousness of spirit and mortal body is its own kind of world. No doubt, in this said human world there exists Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness.

The Manifester

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