When the Angel Gabriel appeared to me and put the Holy Manifest Book in my Brain, which was and is still being revealed over many years of time, I became able to see through the glass darkly what was before an invisible word of the Bible.

The above subject of this post was a part of that revelation. These insights are about overcoming and also open a universal view of worlds that once were, and worlds that are to come. I never thought this kind of information was in the Bible until my mind was awakened to the reality of these truths in the Bible “hidden since the foundations of the earth”. Here are a few titles of the teachings: Trans-assumption, Trans-accumulation, Trans-accession, trans-assimilation, and trans-inspirational.

Pray for me that I will be able to soon published the already written: THE HOLY MANIFEST, (An immense size book) AND THE PEACE MANIFEST BIBLE, (Also an immense sized book).

For instance: Trans-assumption reveals that not all prayer leads to instant reaction, but how that prayer is also accumulative. When our prayers reach a certain point of peak our guardian angel is then allowed to intervene for us. This is describe in the Bible’s book of “Acts”.

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