When people observe happenings, an amazing thing occurs. Interestingly, not all persons report the same descriptions of the event. Certain adjudicators would speculate that the difference of view was relativistic. While that opinion has merit, it does not encompass all the actualities. There are some persons who see things that other persons seem to not be able to see. And then there are groups of people who see in agreement, but other groups seem to not be able to scope the same sightings.

To make things more complicated, there are certain professional types of responders who to any unusually reported observation, immediately deny such “visionary” experiences on the grounds it is not scientifically reasonable and it is therefore a mass hallucination or an illusion.

Another technical aspect is the difference of reported colors. This difference has been reported by persons across almost every field of phenomena that produces eye mural effects about events, literal or spiritual, in the air or on materialisms.

On the subject of seeing color, scientists have discovered an incredible difference (variability) from human to human in the retina of the eye. Before light waves reach the optic nerve, they pass through the pupil into the retina. In the retina are located what is called rods and cones . Rods allow the seeing for black and white. The human retina has three types of cones: red, green, and blue.

Cones allow for the seeing of color by sending a chemical message about the color to the optic nerve which in brain code carries the message to the brain. Animals and birds see differently than humans because their cones are different. Humanwise, one person may have more green cones than red cones, while another person may have more red cones than green cones. The variety goes on and can have, it is said, a variability of up to forty times counter of red to green or counter of green to red cones in the retina.

However, the last word in color message interpretation is the brain beyond the retina. The brain creates the complex visual sensations of colors. Humans have many sensings of colors that don’t exist in the light spectrum because they are created in the brain such as the color brown. Believe it or not, you do not know what you are seeing by just looking at what you are seeing. The brain tells you what you see, and everyone’s brain has potential for variance. The brain gives the interpretation of seeing, not the eyes. In addition to vision, there are other sensory stimuli such as sound and touch. Upon occasions, due to the perspective, the brain may connect all such other sensory stimuli from an event for enhancing vision. And believe it or not, up to this point none of these vision uses fall into the abnormal.

There is what is called synesthesia, and it is a gift to those who know how to use it. Synesthesia allows strange things such as hearing tastes and seeing sounds and more. Not only can the brain create the complex visual sensations of colors that don’t exist in the electromagnet spectrum of colors, the brain can create its own mental motifs, alignments, divergent visions, can detect different nuances of expression, and has seasonal and clock-setting capabilities.

The Bible records differences of vision. In Exodus 14:19-20 (KJV) according to the script, an angel affected a pillar cloud to have a particular geometrical angle so that Israel s vision perspective was a cloud of light but the perspective to Egypt’s army was a cloud of darkness. Obviously, the cones and rods of the eyes of the participators were affected but no doubt there was an internal inner eye affect as well. Brains were interpreting a same event differently. Another example among many other examples of vision difference found in the Bible is found in Acts 9:3-7 (KJV): Paul sees a light, a personal appearance, and hears a voice, but others traveling with him see neither of those experiences but only hear a voice. The effect of this vision experience is so literal to Paul, he becomes blind for a period of time and must be led by the hand. The angle of light may be at play here; but, for sure, an internal inner seeing has happened.

God has set it so miracles can happen by the use of natural or spiritual events. It is said that the Kingdom of God is within all human mortals, yet only certain individuals can perceive that. God has set in the mortal body the potential for releasing from within the innermost being, rivers of living waters. Perception is determined in part by sensory signals. The human mortal often looks through, as it may be said, “a glass, darkly , so persons only see in part and know in part; but that is not the perfect plan (compare 1 Corinthians 13:9-12 KJV)

God has by lattilution given humankind’s brain a galaxy of neurons (nerve cells). The neuron cells of the brain are geometrically different than any other body cells and have the ability to propagate electrical signals over distances. The connection system of these neurons is so vast and prodigious of processing not even the half can be told. Three main component parts of the neuron nerve cell are the dendrites, the soma (body) and the axion. Interestingly, the dendrites are a tree-like structure that provide the area where axions and other cells make connection. These connections are called synapses because they provide connections between cells.

There is a terminal point at the end of each neuron called a buton . The terminal butons of each neuron along with glial cells form connections between the neurons called synapses. When a neuron fires its electrical potential across its cellular membrane and down the axion to the terminal butons, a chemical action releases a messenger substance called a neurotransmitter into the synapses connecting neuron to neuron.

This micro-extrusion called a buton is of special interest to me because I believe this buton is a button for opening spiritual dimensions as well as physical dimensions of information. I do not expect you will find this written anywhere else. And I suspect certain neuron specialists would call such an idea absurd. Nevertheless, I trust my insights; and I am revealing this now as a prelude to much more. Finally, I will say the connection of the neuron butons with the solar plexus will reveal mental potential beyond imagination. The inner eyes of internal seeing are with you; God is ready to open them if you will it.

Conclusively for now, do not let other persons who are dry of spiritual experiences and bored of life challenge your visual theatre or your world of divine reality. Ponder these things and share them when you feel a witness to do so, but don’t quench your experiences. Destiny has wings; please let them fly.

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