It is said in the manifest septilogy writs… that there are portals of empty space that separate the universe, its heavens of matter and energies, from the Heaven of heavens which the Manifest calls: The First Domain.

Recently, astronomers reported discovering a blank hole in the universe of one billion light years across of nothing. As further said, this would equal an expanse of nearly 6 billion trillion miles of emptiness.

The Manifest teaches that the First Domain is a spiritual infinity and that the universe, although, going through eternities of densities and expansions is a physical infinity. The point to be made is about the necessary separation of the First Domain’s pure Spirit energy realm from the universe’s physical energy realm.

The universe does have spiritual virtual dimensions. These said dimensions are especially developing in advanced entities who have spiritual conscious awareness.

Beyond these suppositions are even higher insights of understanding which I call overcoming the interseptums of spiritual interspace.

“Beyond these suppositions are even higher insights of understanding which I call overcoming the Interseptums of spiritual Interspace.” –The Manifester

The present universe, being physical infinity, is separated from spiritual infinity [The First Domain’s pure Spirit energy realm] by its own interseptum [fringe; membrane; partition].

Similarly, aspiring mortals, attempting to live in the physical plane and yet sensing the spiritual trail and desiring to traverse it, must penetrate the fringe that separates these two existences and all their dimensions.

Beyond our yawned, spawned cosmos…inbreathed, as it was, at its inception by the Creator’s Mind Impressions whose wake wrought by its majestic permeations through all physical infinity, expanded it like a womb to birth new life for an infinite season’s duration…the Ultimate Insight awaits those ascendant ones whose spiritual core consciousness yearns to transcend the physical limitations that would impede and keep them withholden from exploring, experiencing and knowing the spectacular regions of spiritual interspace.

Let those earnest to advance, apprehend and taste the Insight of the Pluperfect, quell the gravitational impeditions within them that would detain them or distract them from their quest to know and find God truly.

Using super-thrust escape velocity determination and hinged to God’s grace carrying their Soul birthright “visa” granting them their destiny’s fulfillment and divinely foreordained access to spiritual infinity’s wonders, let these brave spiritual interspace “astronauts” launch themselves beyond the delusion of that which appears to be what is but what is not, to voyage in glorious exploits of spiritual conscientiousness and so penetrate the interseptum’s fringe.

As the Manifester reveals, these will ride the cavity’s waves of physical infinity as the yawned Breath of superlative Mind Impressions from spiritual infinity, in the reversal trek episode as the unrolled scroll of physical infinity rolls together once more, at last collapses the cosmos behind the overcomers and welcomingly ushers them through the final interseptum’s fringe into designated vistas and portals into “the Heaven above all the heavens”.

septum = A thin partition or membrane that divides two cavities or soft masses of tissue in an organism: the nasal septum; the atrial septum of the heart.

inter = embedded; within; inner; inside

insight = penetration: the capacity to discern a situation’s true nature

yawn = to open wide the mouth [cavity] with a deep inhalation [breath]

The Manifester

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