It has been said: naked you came into the world from out of your mother’s womb, and naked you will go out of the world (Job 1:21).

This concept would seem to go along with the common quote: you can t take it with you (see Eccl. 2:18). However, anciently and archeologically, history records that powerful, kings, rulers, and wealthy persons have been entombed with provisions and wealth for their next life.

Of course it is true, no one will take just anything and everything from this life to the next; otherwise this life and the next life would be very much the same. Could not this foresight of mystic reasoning have some kind of a metaphorical connection to a manifested reality?

So then, there have been persons of the past, and no doubt there are persons of the present time, who believe they can transfer goods from this life to the next life. It can probably be said that a large number of people believe this, because most people who believe in an afterlife believe that, at least, they can take memories and thoughts from this present world to the next.

There is a deep intrinsic factor to such thinking, and it links to the before genesis pre-existence of each human’s spirit. Jesus Christ, as a representative of humanity (Isaiah 9:6-7, Hebrews 2:9-18 KJV) and speaking as a son of humanity, once spoke of the mystery that no mortal would ascend to heaven who did not come from heaven (St. John 3:12-13 KJV).

It is not simple to equate for mortals, who, as a whole, have such a low spiritual profile and such a high animal profile, as ever having been a part of a pre-Earth heavenly stature. But the power of transfiguration and transformation is mind boggling.

However, of the three groups of angels (Cherubim, Seraphim, and Ophannim) who came to this galaxy wherein the Earth abides, only the Morning Star Ophannim, comprising one-third of this group were cast down to Earth (Rev. 12:3-4 KJV).Inasmuch, that the term intrinsic contains the meaning of indwelling, it does make sense when Jesus said: The kingdom of God is [dwells] within you (Luke 17:21 KJV).

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