I was standing on the corner of Novel and Search about to cross Search Street when a flash of photons lit my eyes. From whence have you come? I enquired of the Photons.

From worlds and worlds away, replied the Photons.
Why have you traveled so far? I asked.
We are on the journey of Love, they answered.
Who are you envoys for? I probed.
We are envoys for the One called Love. We are on a mission to light up worlds of eyes and minds…
Envoys for love….. I interrupted. Love’s just a fanciful word isn’t it?

True love is not capricious; true love is the strumming that belongs to your Soul. Haven t you ever heard the song: “Love Makes the World Go Round”? Love is the reason for why everything that is good is. Love is the substance that gives the reasons for living. Love is a kiss that when it touches your lips, it fills your whole being. Love is a presence that when it breaths in your heart, you feel like you can fly. Love finds the lost heart and cuddles it to joy. It is God’s will for everyone to love, because that is God’s name and God is Love.

The Manifester

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