It is said that one day the lion and the lamb will lie down together, and that there will be no hurt between them anymore. As well, the wolf and all kinds of other carnivorous animals and noncarnivorous animals will dwell in peace together (Isaiah 65:25 KJV).

This would seem to be a metaphor and declaration for all creations to live at peace and trust with each other. However, there is one other very important component of that saying….. For this peace and trust to happen, the lion and other carnivorous animals must cease being predators and must become transformed to the habituality of subsistence such as nonpredator creatures have.

The Bible puts it this way: the Lion will eat straw as the ox. The relevance of this new living arrangement for co-habitation and co-habitu is dispositional alignment produced by some kind of lattilution, genetic engineering, or God act.

The Bible indicates that the future of humankind will affect the future of animal kind (Genesis 1:27-28 KJV). This is expressed as humans having dominion over all the creatures of the Earth. There is entwined in this scenario of dominion a commitment of overseeing and carekeeping. Also, there is entwined something that says: when humankind is at peace, the whole Earth-world will be at peace (and of course visa versa).

Importantly, there is the act and process of taking “dominion”. Taking dominion isn’t limited to walking up to a lion with a Samson approach and stretching its jaws apart until it dies, or firing a high-powered weapon into the head of the beast to render it senseless and dead. True dominion is the capability of taming the animal’s body and spirit.

The idea and term of “taming” an animal can range from domestication to subduing and breaking an animal’s spirit. There are applications, but there is also something that seems adverse to nature. There is a weaving of time and circumstances that can produce in creatures a gentility by nature.

In the meanwhile, whether dealing with animal-beasts or human-beasts, don’t take an untrustable, intemperate, wantoned, and unconstrained entity into your heart or confidence. If you think you can handle going into the lion’s den, you’d better make sure you’ve got what it will take to survive, or you’ll never come out alive. Remember, the Bible says: the Devil goes about as a roaring Lion seeking whom he can devour (1 Peter 5:8 KJV).

So then, if you or your friends or loved ones have been betrayed by a savage mind, don’t get confused to think that in the spirit of forgiveness you’ll come as a lamb and lie down side by side with that savage and wild beast. No! You must wait until one day when you see that animal-beast eating straw like the ox or that human-beast totally changed and transformed of nature.

The Manifester

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