When two persons fall in love, it should be for the rest of their lives. But there is a journey to living and loving. Sadly, there is a journey through the negative ins and outs of life that could happen….. and often does happen….. and a journey through the human biological downfalls with its add-ons of more confusion plus more complexes. This is all part of the journey through the tunnel of human agony. Also, for some persons, there are times of phantoms, when feelings and nerves crank up and create dark wispy figures called phantoms of paranoia.

But sometimes, above and beyond, and sometimes, entwined to the negatives of life, there are the good and wonderful times. Nevertheless, sometimes, as a bottom line effect of the journey through the tunnel of human agony, certain persons once deeply in love lose their valentine hearts. I call this result: “The Lost Valentines”.

Much of everything is a state of the mind. The loss of love is often an abstract condition created by collective situations, happenings, and psychological emotions. Eventually, to such persons, they begin to cross beyond the ancient boundary of marriage. This occurs, because in their minds, they have justified their decisions by way of a premise they believe to be true. With no teacher to show them a kind of “reductio ad absurdum”, their premises become truth for lack of help to prove the falsity.

So then, a premise becomes a homebreaker, and the best dashpot in the world won’t be able to damp the shock and vibrations of the failure of love that will result. Suddenly, these love birds will lose their songs for abusive and invective strains of language. Perhaps, this whole collage of imaginative things could have evaporated, if intent would not have substituted the completeness of a few more valentine expressions of caring and actions of love.

Too much time embroiled in a mind away, or the heart offset of endless business, or too much time with the hobnob crowd are practices that create a heartfallen world for the waiting-to-be-loved mate. Eventually, this may result in the original mate being replaced for a foster mate.

And then there is the condition of too much time under a mate’s thumb, which kind of stress leads to less and less cuddling time. The net event finally is: the roses disappear and blackthorns become prominent.

And then there are those who carry on with the motions of intimate relations, but deep inside a loneliness and resentment is growing. A meltdown is in the making, and only true love can miracle it away.

I do not say there are no proper reasons for persons to change from the color of a flower he or she once loved. There are justified reasons, have no doubt. The results nonetheless are often “Lost Valentines”, wandering stars searching, yearning, pondering, reaching for a heart to call home.

For a destiny love, one can and should endure all things. For some day, the troops of personal wars and conflict will leave the battlefield. And still waiting will be your love standing by, arms open, heart warm of feelings, and eyes full of worlds that only you can fill.

At the bottom of the “pan”acea, beneath the sand, the gold of love will be found. See yonder on the path of time two candle lights, shining like suns of a new world, blinking and twinkling in a dance of love that will send loneliness away to dwell in the midnights of a far far away, forever and ever.

Open your valentine card, and write it to say: I love you; I love you forever!

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