To loosen the strife that blurs insight, one must set “desire” free. Even one’s desire to love must be set free. No one’s personal desire should hamper, restrict, limit, rule, or dominate, another person’s will.

Love is a many-pearled thing. Every pearl is different from another pearl in its own beautiful way. In the sea clam world, every pearl earns its design by its molecular swirls of shellish mass that pearlize away the affect of the agitative particle.

In the world of the human mind, there is a mental pearl-essence, which the human brain uses as an affect to block hurt, distress, shock, and pain. Sometimes, this affect is called a “blind spot”, which was necessary at the incident time, in order to keep a person’s emotions and body system from being overwhelmed. True love does not create or favor “blind spots” regardless of their cause. Rather, given a little time, true love heals blind spots away.

In the KJV Old Testament Genesis of the Bible, transcendental terms are used to describe intimate relationships between Adam and Eve, such as: “they shall be one flesh” (Gen. 2:24 KJV), “And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth” (Gen. 4:25 KJV).

The mystery of knowledge can become very evasive. What does “become one flesh” really mean? Does “one flesh” mean: two humans socially, corporately, symbolically, or literally become one human; or that during sex (intercourse) two humans become physically linked as one for a time and purpose? Or is it referring strictly to the human covenant of marriage?

What does it mean when the Bible says: Adam and Eve knew each other and Seth was created? Is this just a cover of words over the subject of sex?

When Jesus Christ made the controversial statement as recorded in St. John 6:48-58, many of His followers turned away. The mystery of knowledge was left to lie bleeding, undisclosed of it’s DNA truth. Surely, it is time to manifest this wonderful hidden truth…

Manifest teachings call this disclosure of Jesus Christ “transassimilation”. Transassimilation in this use, means: taking on Christ’s physical nature (the bread symbol of flesh) and taking on Christ’s spiritual nature (the blood symbol of life/spirit). It represents a beautiful transcendental relationship with Jesus, who as the Light that shone in an uncomprehending darkness, desired to share His love and the mystery of knowledge; but whose message, the masses could not perceive.

Not unlike the synecdoche and the ellipsis potential of the word “and”, there is so much more to know entwined and not unfolded, in bud and not blooming.

A mental permittivity often lubricates the flow of higher thoughts to the mind, liken unto the human body’s synovia that lubricates the joints of the bones.

In a sense of dual synesthesia, two persons can so mentally merge of body and spirit they are made one flesh and one spirit to the point one sense of impression by the one person stimulates another sense of impression in the other person, and visa versa. This heightening experience of mental flourish is the ultimate obtainment of becoming “one flesh” and explains the meaning-depth of how “Adam knew Eve” as a communion of knowingness between two persons that transcendentally spoke of a summa that could include marital sex and child creation, but by its imbuement far exceeded the limits of just an act of intimacy.

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