Nations straining at the bit to be great. Nanotechnology abounding, touching, the fangs of war, and sweeping into medical regions as an intrusion against disease in super and unimagined ways.

The death kiss of crude darkness is curled back. The Cosmos lures and calls for the earthlings to open their doors of perception. All the while the expected world economy-break-down sounds more and more like the peeping of newborn chicks rather than sirens of alarm.

Many loud mouths of the pessimistic doom Sayers is caught in a storm of the bad breath of a self-condemning realization that the way they have been predicting the future is nothing but rat droppings.

The rise of the poor and mediocre is gaining reference, and politicians will begin turning their heads in their direction.
The wand of the Manifester has conducted hundreds of orchestrated prophesies fulfilled in their sayings, nevertheless, his greatest, by the Spirit, predictions, are yet to come… Hang and hold: for “what you see, is not what is, what you see, is what is not” (From the Bible based: Holy Manifest Book).

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Read for yourself about coming events.

I see great miracles and healing for many “GenTou” generative touched persons. This is the year for the rising of many utterly sick persons. The Love of God has not perish from the earth nor has His tender loving care diminished. I am humbled because my Lord and God specialized in the impossible and does things with His power of love in ways beyond my understanding.

May the double seven of the fourteen of the year 2014, roll the stones of a Urim and Thummim for you. For the demons called Doom will fall when they face the angels called Flourish.

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