People make mistakes. Bad judgement is a common trait. There are many mortal things that people do which the religious world calls sin. But quite often these actions are not sin, they are just the animal side of the mortal. After all, the Bible records a prayer that says: “I pray that mankind will be manifested that he is a beast”. Believe it or not, God has made a wide causeway for allowance of the human mortal side of nature.

Much of the church world is big on judging people. This trait seems to be a major part of their mode of operation. But Jesus said: Judge not that you be not judged. The answer given to this saying of Jesus by the “holier than thou people” is: The Bible says that we will judge angels. The Bible is of course speaking about judging the demon angels, (Under the right circumstances and time of course).

But the vanity of the religious pride-flock never cease to believe that being in the image of God, (But actually, it is being in the image of the Elohim, and not the Ultimate Invisible God), by such false assumption they believe they are only a hairs breath apart form needing to act like God and eventually become a kind of his twin.

Then, there is real sin, a stumble in the dark by temptation. But this is not the end of the world. Sin is accumulative, but a call on Jesus Christ, can clear up a mess of sin and give you a new start.

It takes a life time to overcome sin. some of the greatest persons of God are reported in the Bible as having sinned up to the near the last hours or days of their life. The Bible promises that everyone will get an equal time and a chance. (Even if it takes more than one life, a heap of Bible scriptures claim this. Compare, Matt. 2:16-18, and Jeremiah 31:15-17 KJV).

I have met a large number of young men who thought they had committed the abominable and unforgivable sin against the Holy Ghost, because of personal sexual practice. These were very desperate individuals, who by God’s grace I was able to set free from such a condemnation once I showed them the actual teaching on the subject from the Bible and the grace of Jesus Christ.

The truth is, that though many persons stumble by error and by their human mortal side, (not all mortal actions called sin by some church.. are actually sin), nor are these actions, or real sins the end of their opportunity for salvation. Some of these church or self-condemned individuals were suicidal. But now, by the grace of God in my council ling are regular practicing Christians, attending and functioning in churches of their choice. My statement about the judging by some pulpiteers is not a general put down of the Churches, for which there is a need in this world today.


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