I not referring to the kind of wish specificity such as “Three coins in a fountain”. Most Christians would be unaware that the Bible in its transliterations speaks of a “God Wish”.

The song: “If you wish upon a star, makes no difference where you are”…Is a sweet song. It doesn’t matter whether you are poor or rich, Black, Red, White, or Yellow. It doesn’t matter where on this earth you live. You have the right.. and no one or no thing can stop you from “Wishing”. Yes, you are mind-free and heart-free. Your private wish matter is your secret.

Wishing upon a star can be wishing upon the star that led the wise kings to the Christ child. Wishing upon a star can be your desire to hear from the Bright and Morning Star: Jesus Christ. Wishing will make your heart lively and your eyes to gleam. Wishing is a kind of hope. The Bible says Faith IS THE SUBSTANCE of things HOPED FOR.

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If you are sick, if you are sad and depressed, if you are lonely and unhappy, if you feel insecure and afraid, make a God Wish. The Bible says not even a sparrow falls to the ground that God is not aware about. You belong to God, and God loves you..Make your God Wish.

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