There is only one Christmas. There are a lot of other images out there. Some frameworks are cute and entertaining, some are not so cute. Some are outright charlatans. Once a person understand that Christ-mus(t) be for you, then the Christmas story in all its reality is a song of manifested truth like no other.

And, yes I know, in mythology there are stories that some so called historians try to say were other similar happenings in history. Well, I have read them all, and one or two of these stories may have a favor of prophecy about the real Jesus Christ who was to come, but they in no way fulfill the awesome spirit of the story of Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, in the book of Revelation 13:8, it is said: that from the beginning of the foundation of time, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain for the world (cosmos). So then, who is first to be a savior, is documented, and all other such acts by other persons are copies of the One and only Jesus Christ, Lamb of God.

Here is the Power of the story of Jesus Christ, that reveals the ONLY CHRISTMAS: For God so loved the world (every person), that he gave His only Son, therefore it was given: that whoever believed on Him, should not perish, but would have everlasting life. (Compare, St. John 3:16).

“I am the resurrection and the life” (Compare, St. John 11:25).

Greater love has no person than the person who would lay down his life for a friend. (St. John 15:13).

These matchless presents and the spirit of how they were given.. are gifts of incomparable love.


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