There is so much feedback static in the world it takes a very serious effort to null out mind interference. When the believer learns to fulfill the Bible’s advice “to live by every Word of God” (Matt. 4:4), that is an act of trans-augmentation in the complete sense. Living by every Word of God, is understanding the deep meaning of the the Word and coming to the reality when the revelation of the Word becomes a part of your life and nature.

The Bible says: “Whosoever reads let him understand” (Matt. 24:15). At the same time the Bible says: “None of the wicked will understand”, (Daniel 12:10). That does not mean that a believer who does not understand is wicked, a believer being tutored is in a process of learning and time is involved.

Trans-Augumentation is a superior conjunction, an alignment of deep thoughts to other deep thoughts that suddenly pierce the spiritual knowledge barrier. Therefore, it is written: “God thunders marvelously with AM’s voice, AM does great things which we do not comprehend”, (Job 37:7 MIV). God’s people are destined to express the ineffable which is possible once people overcome the lie that lives within them

God wants to open wide the range potential of each person’s mind. I bid you develop your expectations…

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