To use the acronym “UFO’s” is an admission of ignorance…understand, ignorance is not stupidity. How be it, although the said word has been frequently presented, is it not time to come out of the unknown? There are many persons who may feel free to change the word UFO’s to IFO’s which is to say “Identified Flying Objects” rather than “Unidentified Flying Objects”. This term fits for those persons who are confident of what a UFO is in a confirmed or denied sense.

In the language of “The Manifest Chronicles” these said flying objects are called zziths and zuuts which often travel through space on planadomes. The zziths are made from using what Earth scientists call black energy matter. Consequently, this choice of substance is not enlisted to the cosmic law limits as understood by Earthlians.

Aliens described in most people descriptions are not actual first presence aliens but robots or androids. The true aliens are actually humans from another planet who are descendants of Enoch (who was born on Earth) whose self and family was air lifted to their present home far away by Cherubim watchers (which is another documentary).


The Manifester


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