At the point of the horizon where the sun’s shinning does not appear and darkness is the forbidden place…..heap your mental tides together for a beyond and become sensebound for expectations. Your experience will not become earsplitting or eye zooming; for it is within the within, beyond the beyond, and further than far. Lift your face out of every picture you have ever visualized or imaged before.

Your body and its earthenware will have many limits on this voyage; nevertheless, in the fermata of search for the transparent windows of fenestra, you will scope a flashback. As you eliminate all the flapdoodles of your mind so that you may concentrate in your brain’s forefront hemisphere, a fortnight will open on a frontage road of long ago.

After you enter the shifting wheels of expressions that no glottis can modulate, googols of time will melt into rushing-away winds. Once you put on this great coat, you will never want to take it off. Yet there will be those persons a-many who will say: You have been on a voyage to nowhere.

The Manifester

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