“There are bad stubborn angels and there are good stubborn angels: It is written; “Sometimes you entertain angels unawares”. The general interpretation of that humans often do not always recognize angels for being angels due to the form they may appear in. And yes, that interpretation does have application. Addendum-wise there are other considerations regarding angels to be aware of. Many angels have multiple ancient for-ever s of living experience to drawn on. Consequently, once they set their minds they have such determination they will not break it for good or bad. Such angels as these, are angels of indelible determination, who will only recognize the actions and dawning s they are aligned to. Perhaps, such angels could in one sense be called Stubborn Angels. “

For instance, the angel that wrestled with Jacob refused to reveal his name to Jacob even though Jacob proved himself worthy of that information. (Genesis 32:24-30). Let me say, that “true love” is very stubborn, because true love will refuse time after time after time, to let go of a heart and spirit Soul that is loved. The Bible says each person has a guardian angel (Matthew 18:10). The more an angel love you the more stubbornly they will refuse to let you go as a loss. Angels are not robots, they differ from one another. Some angels of healing will stand in the face of death and hell over your body, and refuse to release you. Such angels usually win the approval of the Holy commission of the Seven Spirits of God. (Revelations 1:4).

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