Many years ago when I received and wrote the Book: The Holy Manifest. I received the above said words of the title of this post.
Since that time I have had many years to discover as to how great the extensiveness of that truth was.

The people of this planet-world are dealing with a problem of mass mind misinformation that is so believed it has created mass false memories. Multitudes of people are ready to swear on and die for their false beliefs. This is true of common people, of business people, of scientists, and multitudes of religious people.
So then, many thousands will hang til death on the false memories they have been deceived by, which false memories are deeply in-grooved in their brains.

It will take a super shock to loosen this mental grip. Sadly, love in many hearts lie bleeding due to separations from love, caused by these ironed in ideas which have been made into constitutions of fact…for which people even in love, have forsook their loved ones.

One day across the bounds of times (hopefully, before I am too much older than my present 75 years), I will by the grace of the Lord be provided the finances and costs to finish the editing and inserts of proofs that I already have available, for publishing The New Peace Manifest Bible, and the Holy Manifest, (an incredible book of Seven Thunders of truth, and its additional Towers of Revelations). One day when these books are made available to the public, there will be a believable shock that will by the Holy Spirit, heal a multitudes of minds.

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