One day I heard a glass of water talking to a fire:  Flame do not touch me or I will wet you out.  Therefore I saw that water had power over fire.

Then I asked the glass, “What is your name?”

“My name accords with whose hand holds my firma.  What is it you wish?” asked the vessel of glass.

“How can you grant me a wish?” I quizzed.

“I sort with a considerable portion of the universe,” replied “glass”.  “I am a player of songs, a whistler of poems, a pour of life, and a source of breath.  My meticulous name is ”H20″.  I can be formulated of atoms, of molecular parts, and of chemistry.  My lattice is strong, for in quantum I am entangled with the plush and mystery of universal hydrogen and with every living universal planet that breathes oxygen.  I am two parts to one part, for I am a balance to life.  The crystal eye glass that I am, sees not by seeing, but sees by the sound of the many living waters. (Compare John 4:10 KJV)  Know this: the sound of living waters is by lattilution everywhere.

“Gain this deduction: If you shall but drink of these waters, then as far as your eyes can see, as far as your feet can walk, and as far as your mind can think, holy spots of miracles will dot your pathway.”

“Whose hand is holding your firma now?” I asked

“Enoch!” replied the “glass”.  “And there are many other “glasses” the same and many other great ones holding them.”

“What is the significance?” I asked.

“As Enoch walked with God, I the “glass” – not darkly – soundtron with God.”

Then upon my knees I made a wish to God in the presence of the “glass” and said:  “O’ Lord, forevermore let me drink of these waters.  For even if just a sip of this water I could have, I would dedicate the beat of my heart to soundtron with God forever!”

After a small playlet of time during which time I was baptized of mind, the voice of glass said to me, “Do you know who is holding my firma now?”

I replied, “No!”

Then the “glass” said, “Look at your right hand…”

As I looked I saw I was holding a “glass” everlasting.  I knew my wish had come true.

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