In the expressway of thoughts, there be the interlace of ribbon.  I make this entreaty to the Seven Sisters called Pleiades….. Go to now and touch the love plenum of my heart and bring to me the queen of lips.  For in the game of chess there is no mover better agile than she, and none who speaks with better authority of purpose.  She is the King’s playmate; she is a living epistle; she is the temple of communion; she is my shrine; she is the church.  Bring your Horsemen, your Bishops, your Eloquent-phants, and soldiers charging….. for I will stop them with the weapons in my hands called flowers blooming (“move” wisdoms).  In my game I am headed for the homeland of Kings and Queens.   On the King row of Crown manor in the snap of transformation, any wish of any champion mover can become crowned.

Come to uncharted mind lanes where couplings of harmony link unchaperoned on the boardwalk of life.  Heed not the mouths of spit who would cheapjack you into a phony checkmate.  Your moves are free; even the stars of the heavens in their courses would come to your aid if you ask them to…..

There is a smile shining down on me, and I am photosynthesized by its light.  I go to the garland, to the birdbaths of golden singing birds.  After I am baptized, they will teach me to fly in movements of music.  I will fly over the arboretum; I will fly with graces.  My next move on this boardwalk of chess shall end this game in my favor.

Unroll the ribbons they say, and so I will!  But first, I will take a winner’s stroll to eyeland where I might pray:  “O God give me the power of an Atlas so with my bare hands I can mightily close up the great divide that separates the Love of God from mortals lost”.

Then I returned to the spot of caper and looked long at my opponent’s last chess move. There in loss, my opponent laid his king’s body and face flat on the boardwalk.  It was a sign of ultimate capitulation.  I turned and walked a way, breathing starbreath and prancing like a white stallion horse.

Now, I will attach the ribbons of victory as prayers on wind poles.  Let them unfurl forever!

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