The presence of Responsibility is the master of the house.  When a pearl of great significance is jeweled in the mind such as to cause the senses to enter a spiritual substantialism,,,,, the person experiencing the epiphany is due to search for a reason.   Nothing should ever be taken for granted, even the grace of God.

What is beneath the rock, what is between the folds, what is beyond the clouds, what is beyond the extent of one’s vision, what is swirled of knowledge about the past not yet recalled,,,,, what are the reasons I even want to know?

In my eyes I see worlds being born, and I am puzzled.  I cannot – I must not – turn off this world; there is too much living yet to be done.   But if the Ersun (Earth’s Sun)  tumbled from the sky and the last sunrise to be pictured in my eyes was yesterday, then God, give me a good reason for staying here one more moment.

If someone took my stars away, rolled up every rainbow, ground up every flower, burned every letter I had ever written, then, Lord, would I not drown from the tears of my crying heart?  Show me a reason to not catch a ride on Dove.  Should I not gather up all of those I love as though I be an angel “gathering flowers for the Master’s bouquet”?

Make ready the gospel ship!  Let down the rampways; invite the angels to come.  And yet they say: the Ersun will last for billions of shining years…..  And then there is “see not, hear not, taste not”….. a privy? a selection? a throw away? or a conjunction of confusion? or a job to weed out paradise?

What reasons for such thoughts….. Give me a job that will last for a thousand years!  After all, in Christ that is only for a day!  Give me a bag of chocolate kissies; do magic, and turn them into a multitude of kissers,,,,, whose lips are so hot from speaking wisdom, they could kiss the sun and not be burned.  What’s going on….. Did I board an unidentified object?

At last I have come to a grand and mighty seamless peace.  I will dance with Accord and ask:  What is your name?

And Accord will say:  I am the Beautiful Reason called Love; all heart searches begin with me.

Just as I finished this writ, I saw my transitioned mother.  She tossed a set of keys to me and said:  These keys have always belonged to you.

Thank you, Love of God, for everything.  I am thrilled; off I go skipping!  On March 2nd, 2008, I will be 70 Earth years old.  I feel so young.  The ministry of the Beatitudes begin.  God Bless!

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