The little puppy was lying on the automobile-smashed ruins of his dog mother, along side the road, when I first spotted him….. I was just a kid then, but my heart went out to that little whimpering pup. I shouted to the driver, “Stop! Stop! There’s a little lost puppy by the road!” We stopped, backed up, and I jumped out. There he was lying on his dead and smashed mom, not understanding why she was not responding to his nudges.

I picked him up, and his eyes met mine. I saw hurt and confusion and then wonderment when he felt a new kind of comfort from my gentle and stroking hands that held him. I instantly loved him and wanted to care for him and call him my own. A small debate broke out….. I was told to put him back, but when my tears rolled, I won for both of us….. “Miracle” dog and I.

So I raised “Miracle” to a full grown shepherd, and he was my friend. One morning I went out to the back yard and called for Miracle to come. Usually he’d come bouncing and wagging his tail, but this time Miracle did not come. I immediately thought something might be wrong, and a great sense of loss came all over me. Three days went by and no Miracle. I prayed and asked God to help me get Miracle back.

After my prayer, I remembered reading in the Bible about a story Jesus told: There was a hundred sheep; but one was lost, so the shepherd left the ninety and nine and went searching for the one lost sheep (Luke 15:4 KJV). I packed a lunch, put some matches and a pocket knife into my pocket, and took off walking up the road to fine Miracle.

Well it wasn’t very long, about a half mile from home, I found him. There was Miracle nose to nose to a girl dog on the other side of the fence. I called him, he came, licked me, excitedly wagged his tail, and ran back to the fence. I understood. Miracle had some business he wanted to attend to. He would come home once his message was sent.

I turned back for home. The Lost was Found; everything would be alright. By some miracle, Miracle would find a way to bring back happy puppy days. The story would have a good ending; memories would be healed.

Miracle came home!

I know in my heart as I reflect on this forget-me-not experience that there are scores and scores of Lost Ones out there. Lost loves, lost relationships, lost hearts fearing their hearts will never heal of the aches.

I believe there is a miracle waiting for you! The lost sheep was baahing, and Jesus found him and carried him home. You will never be forgotten; you are deeply loved; all that is lost will be found. Wonderful times are coming.

The Manifester

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