Once on a twilight dark, when the Prince of Darkness sent mental soot down like rain (compare Joel 2:2 KJV), a Book of Life, once vibrant of the rare of knowledge, became sealed within and without. To those having eyes but seeing not the colors… they thought the black and white they could see was the whole spectrum of the subject. They were spiritually color blind! (Compare Psalms 69:23 KJV – eyes darkened=color blind; also compare Isaiah 56:10 and St. Luke 19:42 KJV.)

So it is written: If our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost… the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not. (Compare 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 KJV.)

The book was there in much content, but lo its colors of divine architect had become invisible; therefore, its knowledge became void of understanding to the mortal masses. Jeremiah the prophet said: I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and [I beheld] the heavens, and they had no light (Jeremiah 4:23 KJV)

Compare the following: I beheld the people, and , lo, they were without divine comprehension and were empty of the long truth; and I beheld that the revelation of extraterrestrial life was lost and unlit to their perceiving it (Jeremiah 4:23 MIV*).

1. KJV to MIV: earth = world (see Strongs Greek #1093), world = people (see John 3:16 KJV).

2. KJV to MIV from context: see Jeremiah 4:21 KJV for the standard = divine comprehension.

3. KJV to MIV from context: see Jeremiah 4:21 KJV for “long truth” interpretation – “long” “standard” / “long” “sound of…trumpet” = long truth.

4. KJV to MIV from Jeremiah 4:23: heavens = extraterrestrial.

5. KJV to MIV from context (see Jeremiah 4:22): no light = no divine knowledge = unlit…perceiving it.

*MIV=Manifest Interpretation Version – a large volume book, three levels of the Bible interpreted, written by the Manifester – not yet offered for publication.

When Christ was on Earth in His Jesus body, He saw that the general human masses were spiritually blind. He understood that only a selected few would be able to comprehend what the Holy Word was really saying. (Compare St. Luke 19:42 and St. Luke 10:23-24 KJV).

The Lost Holy Passwords are “keys of the kingdom” of God (Matthew 16:19 KJV) and “blessed are the eyes which see” and the ears which hear. It is God’s will that these Lost Holy Passwords be revealed. (Compare St. Luke 8:17 KJV). In a time of silentness, in a time of a deep still, a cry for someone to open the seals of the Lost Holy Passwords sounded over and over again. At first it seemed no one and no power could unfasten the seals; but then came Jesus in His seamless attire of many colors. As He cooed, hummed and purred – cooed as a Holy Dove, hummed as a hum in the honey of bees, and purred as a purr in the lion of Judah – seals began to be loosened. His eyes pierced the vale and visions and words and sounds and auras of color lost for ages quickened. Yes, Jesus I-AM came and AM loosed the seals of the Book (Revelation 5:1-9 KJV) – the PASSAGES STOPPED up since the Babylon invasion are opened (Jeremiah 51:32 KJV).

The “door of utterance” (Colossians 4:3 KJV) is open! There shall be nothing hidden to the Destinata that shall not be made manifest (St. Luke 8:17 KJV).

And the keys to the Lost Holy Passwords were called visions, hearings, sounds, and colors. Come enter the flying scroll (messenger, Revelation 8:13 KJV); take the Kingdom Keys and unlock with love the mysteries of the mystery.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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