It has been said on recent roadways of medical and scientific knowledge that the human heart is far more relevant than it has ever been imagined to be….. The heart is said to have five times more electromagnetic energy flow than the brain; the heart is said to have memory, and intelligence, and emotion, and more – not to mention its miracle body functions…..

On the waters of life, the beautiful Swan Dance of Love passes on from age to age, from swans of the present to the new little swan hearts yet to be born. Love is a matchless thing, and no wonder the heart is the symbol of love. Interestingly, in the word heart is spelled the word hear.

And perhaps that is one of the greatest secrets of all times: those hidden, unexpressed, unspoken words of love – born but not cuddled, longing and yearning but not freed, forever reaching to touch the Love whose name is God the I-AM; but alas, AM is invisible! Precious God, precious Son of God Jesus, I hear you; I have “ears to hear” your hearts, and I HEAR YOU.

And what did I hear? I heard something beautiful, something good! In the vibrational beats of my heart, I heard You speaking in the colors of flowers, in the rustle of the leaves of trees, in the face and lips and hugs of the one I love, in my family, and God’s family of hearts. Let the wind blow, that I may hear the voice of the One who fills all the house of my heart…..

Come sails, that even the winds obey, I command you take me to the land of Love. Come wings, that fly the starlight waves, hear me! Come lift me up from this ground; take me to to the Love writer in the skies of the heavens. Oooooooh, but that I was a zoom; for then I would zoom….. Oooooooh, but that I was a buzz of quickening; for then I would quickly buzz into the Relevant Heart of Love.

I am away, but I am here. My eyes are not wandering the earth, but they are on journey within my heart. In my heart when I lift my voice, my songs personify and the long journey seems but a day of blossom budding before the flowers bloom.

Tomorrow I will kiss the ashes, for God will give me beauty for them. I have taken off my shoes and my coat; I will run barefoot and coatless upon the grassy meadows, for yea “the Lord will show me where to lie down in green pastures” (Psalm 23:2 KJV paraphrased). May the dreams and wishes and loving of a Relevant Heart be with you forever and ever!

The Manifester

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