Of the symbols of stars and sand, they represent in part children from the stars and children of Abraham and his desert caravan. Of whom Abraham (sand) stood for, there be those who were the children of many nations and those who via Proto-T persons from the stock of Enoch became represented in the Abrahamic fold, being some persons from the faithful dead and some persons from the faithful alive. Of these Paul speaks and says these persons knew they were not from this Earth world. Therefore, they confessed they were pilgrims and strangers here. It could not be said more plainly: they had a rendezvous with destiny to a country from which they had come but of which country they had been shy of memory. But at last they saw the truth of the afar Father’s House prepared as a city of God (Hebrews 11:12-16, St. John 14:1-2, St. John 17:16 paraphrased).

There is a Third General Derivation of semasiological (see semantics) origins as regards the Bible’s classifications of humankind…

1. The Gentiles (other nations, foreigners, aliens, strangers)

2. The Jews (people of Israel, national heritage, national faith adherents)

3. The Aliens (strangers, aliens – in the sense of being unknown – persons planted on other planets: Isaiah 51:16 and Revelation 12:12 KJV) The Bible says in Isaiah 61:5 KJV: “AND STRANGERS SHALL STAND AND FEED YOUR FLOCKS, AND THE SONS OF THE ALIEN SHALL BE YOUR PLOWMEN AND YOUR VINEDRESSERS”. Jesus applied the first part of Isaiah 61 to Himself in an actual and spiritualized way. Obviously, the said next part of Isaiah is also actual and spiritual; and therefore, the feeding the flock and the vinedresser statement has a deep meaning that regards teaching space age concepts. It was such subjects as this that Jesus said the people were not ready for, but, such things would be revealed in the greater works of another time. (St. John 3:12-13 and St. John 14:12 KJV)

The son of Moses, Gershom, was a given name at birth meaning “refugee and alien” which name did not refer to Moses but referred to knowledge Moses received at the burning bush about the extra terrestrial, sons of Enoch, aliens. Gershom was the eldest son of Moses and his Midian wife Zipporah (Exodus 18:2-3 KJV). I will comment at another time on other Bible uses of the term “alien”.

For those to whom this world is not their home, who are strangers and Aliens, there are Bible-given orders made for their benefit:

“After you have beaten the olive tree to shake loose the olives, you shall not go back to beat loose more olives, the remaining olives shall be for the stranger“…”After you have gleaned the grapes of your vineyard, you shall not go back to glean the vineyard again, the remaining grapes shall be for the stranger…” (Deuteronomy 24:20-21 MIV).

St. John 4:38, speaks of reaping where you have not sown or bestowed any labor. This concept for certain persons overrides the old conventional concept of reaping what you have sown…

Jesus and his disciples wandered through corn fields and other farmer fields taking use of these God-made provisions.

Great days of rendezvous are ahead. We shall not all sleep in ignorance; we’re going to “another meeting place in the air”. The how it will be done, speed of travel, will be revealed in the near future.

The Manifester

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