Follow not the smoke trails of the forest burn; nor stand for long by the house that has become particles rising. For He is not here but has risen. Gaze not at the wish of materialization, for He rides the wheels of fire, commanding nights to vanish and days to bow with colors unlimited. The wheels of a thousand charioteers follow His flight through the mysteries of orange….. Their circuits are more precious and more bonding than tale can tell.

For times of adventure, make the universe so small that when you touch it your thumb covers from worlds to worlds. Dance in the fire faster than the speed of light, and laugh until sparkles crown you a king of the skyways. Go beyond the parsec unit of stellar distance….. Hug the Alpha and the Omega. Loosen, from your Yada, your inner umbilical birth cord, and messenger creation to the worlds.

In the wheel whiz of revolve, ride the spin of life until your most wholesome self appears. So will you become a discoverer of new life. Therefore, when you have come for yourself and you call your name of names, the angel of your presence will salute you for a flight well flown.

– I met Love the other day and asked, “What is your name?”

+”What form are you seeking?” essenced Love.

-“An image in my mind,” I intoned.

+”Let me endorphin your sweet mind before I give you my answer so my thoughts will be painless to you: I am in ten thousands of wheels flaming in passions, fields of flowers, millions of color thrills….. I display a countlessness of the beautiful young and the beautiful old; I fly a trillion flags of wave forms glorious; I spin in minds so high in intellect that heavens silence to their respect. Which love do you choose?”

-“I choose the love called heart of Soul!”

+”Your wisdom is an egg; it will be most interesting to see it hatch.”

So then, in my mind I went upon the manifest highways of flaming wheels that I might see where I was not born and where I was not present for so to leave marks of my fiery wheels where I had never gone before.

I knew God had granted me power to not be burned by common fire but to be enchanted by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Come, O you wheels in the middle of wheels; it’s time to spin to the mark of high calling.

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