Insight to “The Virtuous Woman” (Proverbs 31:10-31 KJV) includes – but is deeper and more crediting to the higher mind and reaches far over Solomon’s “four things too wonderful to know”, one of which is “the way of a man with a maid” (Proverbs 30:18-19 KJV). Often the way women are used and sometimes the way certain women choose to be used is a devaluing option. The power of truth that is potential for all women is found in the story of the virtuous woman: She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is a Torah of love (Proverbs 31:26 KJV).

A good man will desire to be made “one flesh (conjugate) with his wife”; but there is a higher conjunct than conjugality, which is the spirit-to-spirit merging into one spirit as a fusion of spirituality and mind. Come now, my conscience, not in conflict and not in clause of human-made conscription of fashionable impressments. Is it not written, the day, the moment will come (perhaps even in a twinkling of an eye) when select persons will not worship in one mountain or another mountain – or as it may be said, in one system or another system, one viewpoint or another viewpoint, or one national custom or another national custom – but they that worship God will worship God in the Spirit, for God is a Spirit (St. John 4:16-24 KJV)? So, then, comes change transcendental as the water is transformed into wine.

Come my love, my virtuous one; angels dance on your frontals, for they know from there milk flows to nurse the nations. Open your mouth; reveal your tongue, for it is a Milky Way of taste buds. Come, if even just for once, lick my cheek; taste and see if my thoughts are not sweeter than wine and purer than honey. Wrestle with me, as if an angel of my presence, that I may in the name of heavenly love kiss your virtuous higher mind. Come flow with me into the crystal fluids of God’s; love let our senses mingle. Today you are pondering before the Junagram tree of life; but tomorrow you will ponder no more, for you will see our faces together in the fruits of an eternal dawn.

Someday mortals will come to understand….. whosoever does not love with such engineered endurance and such celebration of joy will discover when Jesus Yahvael Christ comes with Ams angels, Am will be ashamed of them.

After these words in a vision of my mind a beautiful hummingbird came and began to sing:

Once upon a star day long ago, angels of heaven were told to go,

Go find a pure hearted soul. When you see her, you will know.

Her lattice is as pure as gold. Her words are white as snow.

Her heart is a rhythm of love untold. When you see her, you will know.


Go and find a lady that can dance. Dance like the winds of the sky.

Go and find a lady that can sing, sing like a melody

Dee der reta, dee der reta da, Dee der reta, dee der reta da.

Mary, Mary, Angelina dance. Mary Angelina sing.

The Manifester

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