Crypto..crypto codomain.. set of all possible expressions of a function. From the root of love, rise to be cognizant of Matrix 1. cogito..cogito Matrix 1 exists! Extramural of orange, write on love’s heart the faraway eyes.

The prima donna comes; she is fluent in the song language of romance. When she speaks and sings, vibrations take on beautiful forms. Take her not from the opera, for the angels come to sing background.

I profess, I have a quality of feeling for her that will not go away. The writ of a thousand preambles coded in pyramid puzzle, although scribblemania to the mortal masses, cannot deflect me from the code and my rendezvous to her garden.

In the revere of my mind, I know who she is….. She is the church,,,,, and the city of God comes to house her brideship. She is Matrix l; the very substance of whom the Lord comes to carry away as a bride to the land of the Morning Stars.

Matzo..matzo, let us break bread. “Have communion with me, my love,” says Jesus. “For now we stand at the midmost of the midline; but soon my angels, dressed as jewels, will come and gather my love to My Father’s House.”

Mantra your mind; wait for birds to come flying strangely. The impossible will weep, and the possible will be born. A river profusion of love streams; no force can stop it!

Do not bother to count; love the moments, and they will perfume you. The greatest reason to succeed lives in your heart.

The Manifester

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