The “Dripline” ( or bounceline) breakthrough code of nucleus day is hoped for in results of a super-pace, working cyclotron. The current understanding being pompadoured is that the single nucleus has a limit to how many neutrons can be added before the particles begin to bounce off ( “called the dripline”). Consequently, this means there are limits somehow set in to the forming process of the nuclei. This complexity puts a strain on the evolution concept but gives a lean toward the intelligent design concept.

The evolutionist says everything evolves; the creationist says all creation was done by intelligent design. A real thinker might wonder if both of these fonts of viewpoint are somewhat served of truth and somewhat served of a great stumbling. Back to the cyclotron and the dripline experiment. It is due of credit to give recognition to the physics and the physicists who with the help of the cyclotron and a lot of patience ( finding particle ratios and matches among trillions and even gradrillions of possibilities) have begun this insight into the very label of creation.

No doubt some of Darwinian evolution is in the cross hairs. There are created systems of the universe so complex of constructive material and humans so complex of organism that it is not unreasonable to assume that successive modifications via evolution could not light up such complex wonders. That is not to say that there is no evolving or that intelligent design is only a religious wish. There is another insight: it is called lattilution and the soundtron revelation. It is wonderfully described in my book, Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis. If you read this book you may say: Someone is walking on water. Soon I will reveal parts of this subject in coming blogs.

The rock-bottom low point of spiritualized intelligence is passing with the dark ages; comprehension is beginning to flow like rivers of living knowledge. Interestingly, human knowledge often parallels spiritual knowledge and visa versa. The world-Earth inhabitants are at the edge of the most significant breakthroughs of all time. Nano-technology can smell illnesses and allow products to be built so small that it’s nothing less than a sheer revolution. Computer-brain-drives the size of molecules, and spy drones the size of bees are a reality. Dark Matter and Dark Energy of the universe is opening a wondrous window and changing concepts about the universe, and that’s only a scratch of what’s on the griddle.

Someone is walking on water, and the critics who are out of tune to the moving vibrations of knowledge will remain blind to how gravity can be overcome. A thousand alien space ships could fly overhead, and because of old and incomplete knowledge the seer’s eyes be as though blind to the truth.

The loss because of such vision regards both the physical and the spiritual insights. Someone is walking on water of insights and manifestations. Only believe, and your world will open gloriously.

The Manifester

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