A doll is a small model of a human figure (favorites being baby and little child dolls). I suppose some straightcasted person might call a doll an idol. Of course in these days of American Idol, and Canadian Idol, the name has taken on another meaning (or has it?). Frankly, I turn off on the starch makers who apply their restrictions to all others.

To me starched lace loses the nature and feel of a flowing silk or even as a braid or cord when starched loses its softness. I think when people religiously starch up every toy and symbol of entertainment and comfort in order to whim their moral stance….. that is their choice, but don’t “fence me in”! I was born free.

Respectfully, however: the Jews, Christians, and Muslims (now the largest religious group in the world), have a right to conduct their beliefs to the extent their followers are willing to follow them. So then, I say render to the Jews to believe to themselves what they believe, render to the Christians to believe to themselves what they believe, and render to the Muslims to believe to themselves what they believe. (I also acknowledge the existence of other societies and other religious groups not here named.) And yes, evangelism is alright as long as no one tries to cram, jam, force, threaten, coerce, or stamp out the soul’s free will. I’ll tell you now, I don’t support the “believe” or be killed method configured for helping people to make up their minds to join some mold of concept.

Strangely enough, these said religious organizations, with all their rules, have been said to often just mum through the violations by their followers and priests. Now what am I talking about, some morbid immoral acts? Most certainly not!!! I’m talking about simple freedoms like a child having a doll or even an adult having a teddy bear without someone trying to choke the idea as idol worship. I’m talking about people having a right to love and care for their dog or cat or to take in a decent movie. I’m talking about the right to love persons for the character they are and the Soul they have without someone thinking or charging you with sexual intent.

I think true love passes all natural understanding. I believe true love transcends, becomes transcendental, and is seamed of spiritual elements. What does that statement have to do with dolls? I thought my grandmother who mostly raised me was a doll and a darling person. She raised me to know the Father in heaven, to read the Bible and to go to church, and to know how to choose between good and evil. She also taught to not become bound to a concrete form of thinking.

There are some real, living doll types of persons – good, pure, and just wonderful individuals which I want to hold in my heart as dolls and darlings and which I do hold in my heart. In some of my writings, I have referred to the darlingness of God. After all darling means “a beloved or lovable person or thing”. I think my wife is a living doll! Do you have a problem with that? If you do, go scramble some eggs and forget it.

Well back to the subject of “Dolls On My Doorsteps”. Some years ago, I chose to help a relative who had a kind of bi-polar problem which was quite severe. I used antique dolls and pictures with poem-like writ to help heal her condition. This was an outstanding success. I plan to print pictures of these dolls and some of the comments in our upcoming Manifester’s Gallery very soon. May this production be a beautiful ‘tude of blessing to you.

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