I remember when I was there,,,,, and that is why I cannot conduct like persons who have not yet awakened in this land of forgetfulness (Psalms 88:12 KJV). In the super-swoo of those moments of remembering, I climbed the highest mountain, that is to say: ..I ascended to the highest places of my mind.

There are various shades and tints of vision potential for the revelation of spiritual seeing. The greatest color of revelation is the Love of God. In the somewhere of when, you will see the great “which was, which is, and which is to be” worlds (Revelation 1:4 KJV) dispersed into multiple impressions of Love containing the stories of the All of all.

Go to, my kiss, and kiss into being a multitude of flowers that can fly on the energy of songs that angels sing. O Love, from the depths of my Soul, kiss me with my kiss, again and again until I become a living picture bearer with images of the Living God’s beauty and majesty flowering the songs of Life.

O kiss of the kiss of my Soul, prance in the skies over the hills. Prance O soles of the garnished brass hoofs of the great white horse upon which the Son of God rides in the skies of the Earth (Revelation 19:11 KJV).

My tongue is transformed into the words of a beating heart that is thumbing out cyphers of code that only ears can understand whose person has the gift of the interpretation of Love.

In moments like these, my eyes fly like a swift bird winging above the troughs. Where are you my Love? Let your Spirit tweet to me; for so then I will fly my heart to a purr and come where you are. I will lite upon the trellis next to Your heart flame, which Love lights the worlds.

You are my destined Love, my very belonging Love; and though a thousand pictures of my mind, due to the trials of life, go into the vanishings, yet, the Love-of-God-picture that fills my dreams will never vanish from my mind, but will grow until its canvas looms over my world with all its wonderful and beautiful colors.

I have shared with you my true Soul of heart….. and yet, I will write more of the Marriage Before the Dawn , very soon. Until then I remain…

One thought on “Marriage Before the Dawn….Addendum 1

  1. Brenda Fuller says:

    It’s very hard for some people to put in word how they feel and especially about love. The Manifester can so amazingly express he heart in such a beautiful poetic way. I to love God with my whole heart, mind, soul and spirit. It grows stronger every day and I believe more with my spirit instead of my flesh every day. God Bless

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