That which is spirit-based is view-based in flourishing not of this world. Therefore, twit not the dregs that stoop on lower plains, nor endorse the blank eye sockets that hold no deepened vision. O blossoming tongue, speak now or forever hold your moment!

Yea, trustee of shining, sponsor now this rise of truth, that glories may roll into glories,,,,, “joys unspeakable and full of Love”. O chaperon of Love, escort us into mergings that belong to the super experiences that exist beyond the shadow rivers of terrestrial life.

I came from the gleamings, raw of earth but plush of Spirit. I was as an alien to those who could not understand. I had stepped to levels too high for maintaining the rules that girt human guttural gratings. I kissed eternity as though for a brief glory beyond time. Who can or dare take that aerial gyration from me?…. No! not one!

I’ve been baptised in the many, living treasures of God’s Love. I brought the taste of that glory back to Earth: I am ruined for the things that belong to common settings; I am ruined for the trek on muddled clay. Give me now, O Lord, my daily spiritual lift; for I have no appetite for worldly gain.

My songster-ship has gained in talents of grace and cargoes of Love; I will sail with them in songs forever. “I was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see”. I was a worthless font, dragged from the dregs of the bottom of the sea. My Lord found me and pulled me from the waters;(compare, Psalms 18:9,10,16, KJV). Then AMs “Love lifted me”.

So, now I will scour the inky dark knots at the bottom of the world’s sea looking for Soul diamonds….. ancient but lost, precious but missing, belonging but misled. They are coins of gold tossed into the fountain of possessions. Sadly, their faces bear the salute “render to Ceasar”. O God, grant that I may with this Word wipe away the Ceasar badge from their soul coin by shining the Light on them that shines from above.

With “stammering lips and other tongues” (compare Isaiah 28:11 KJV) I will speak Love to them; for I love them more than volumes can tell. I will tell them of the “Marriage Before the Dawn” to which they anciently belong. I will tell them who they are and how they live in “the land of forgetfulness” (Psalms 88:12 KJV). I will tell them from star-dust to star-rise from whence they came.

More on “The Marriage Before the Dawn” coming soon! Until then I remain…..

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