“Some sweet day I’ll fly away, to the sky, way up high, to that land where living waters flow“….. meanwhile, here on Earth:

To many, the pace to get ahead spiritually seems like squeezing through a needle’s eye. However, all such mental abrasion is due to not understanding and applying “Rendering” and “Reconciliation”.

First, get it straight….. Earth is not paradise; it has more hell territories than it has heavenly places. Even way back in time during the generations before Adam, the Earth was not a paradise garden; and that is why God prepared a spot of relief,,,,,called the Garden of Eden. If the Earth was already paradise, what need the Garden of Eden?

We further need to understand that for all of Earth’s previous years prior to Adam, it obviously didn’t have a way to eternal life. And that is why God put the Tree of Life in the midst of the Garden of Eden for those of Soul consciousness.

Impedition is everywhere and on every road of life. Here on Earth, the file is ready to test human belief and resistance to death. Fake happiness is a fad; the word “love” is used to describe everything from a meal to an article of clothing or money and et cetera.

Earth life goes on: “Places to go, people to see, things to do;” jobs to work; tired to get; seek fun to have; prayers to make; new young keep coming on; old persons keep aging; good times, bad times, war zones, crazy zones, religious zones, anti-God zones, believer zones, money zones, poor zones; hate,,,,,like teeth and claws, fear,,,,,like insane trembling, faith,,,,,of the few like steel towers….. Do you fit into any of these escape hatches or wormholes?

And then there is love and marriage…”goes together like a horse and carriage”. Whoa, a horse? pulling a carriage?? Sounds like bondage and control….. even if it is just a song.

After all of that said, in the right state of the mind “everything can be beautiful in its own way,” (Ecclesiastes 3:11 KJV paraphrased). Paul said of prison: “Hey, there is greatness to this!” (2 Corinthians 11:23 and 2 Corinthians 11:30 KJV paraphrased). David said of being surrounded by his enemies: “We’re feasting right in the middle of our enemies, and they don’t even know it” (compare Psalms 23:5 KJV paraphrased) Jesus on the cross crucified said: “When I leave here, I’m heading straight for Paradise” (Luke 23:43 KJV paraphrased).

Further, Jesus said: “If you seek to save your life, you will lose it; rather, let it flow for My sake, and you will live!” (Mark 8:35 KJV paraphrased) Further Paul said: “Hey, turn on the right mind switch: concentrate on good reports; think of good things, true things, honest things, just things, pure things, lovely things; think on what has virtue and what gives praise to God” (compare Philippians 4:8 KJV paraphrased).

As to marriage: you didn’t marry a perfect mate; main problem…..you yourself were not perfect. As to marriage, it can be a wonderful comfort or a super testing grounds for overcoming.

Sounds like most humans are prodigal progeny walking and living around the hog pens of life,,,,, rich man, poor man, no difference,,,,, because a fallen state of the mind can come to anyone susceptible. Strange, though, when you actually think about how short the breath counts of life, how few the years! Why should there be a problem making it through such a short time? I’ll tell you why, because people are bored with life. And why are they bored? They are bored because they are empty or incomplete of the Love of God.

So, for you who have asked, here is how to get out of the wormhole:

1. Render everything you do or imagine to do unto God; and then therefore begin calling those things spiritual which were not spiritual (compare Romans 4:17 KJV, 1 Corinthians 1:28 KJV paraphrased, and 1 Corinthians 10:31 KJV paraphrased). God Loves to turn dirt into gold.

2. Even though you may have less than what you really need, reconcile your accounting that you have enough not only for yourself, but also enough for others who need it (compare St. Luke 16:1-8 KJV paraphrased).

3. Start praying for God to baptise you in the river of the Spirit of God’s Love (compare 1 Corinthians 12:13 and 1 John 4:7-9 KJV paraphrased). Some persons have received the Holy Spirit but are not filled with it; other persons have received Love but are not filled with it. Get filled with the Spirit of Love, and begin to speak in the other tongues of angels.

As to the Marriage Before the Dawn, it is real and must be revealed. As to you who have a present proxy marriage on Earth, even if you do not feel complete or feel satisfied with your marriage…..if there is not a violation beyond the point of no return, the Bible says: “If your mate wants to stay in the marriage, think twice before you send your mate away” (compare 1 Corinthians 7:10-16 KJV paraphrased).

Again, please don’t try to configure what the total is of what I have yet to say….. Hang and hold, much more to come.

The Manifester

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