There are those whose pious self-made religious exclaims in audio…strive to guide their voice of sanction in platitudes of maxims and axioms. They expect to pin the badge of how history is to be written in their religious persuasion.

Come away from those pride hawks and money grabbers. Stay clear of the crowd, dear readers; follow the Jesus, lane-road. When you take this road, revelation will open that is different from the status quo.

You will not see by the rules of the goat herd once you are able to recognize the voice of the Master. The flame throwers of self righteousness will burn you to scars if you allow it. Rather, follow those Destinata who bear in their bodies the emblems of Yahvael, the Lord Jesus Christ, and who carry AMs message that was whispered to AMs disciples as private words not shared with the crowd (Matthew 13:10-11, Matthew 17:1-2 and Matthew 17:9 KJV).

Don’t try to master and control every second of your life before you even know how to turn on and off the steam handles to your passions. Sometimes it is wiser to let the shadow pass over you, and to wait on the Lord, until you are quickened. Don’t take fire into your bones whose venting will dry out your heart.

Erroneous decisions about marriage can become the parachute that doesn’t open and can therefore result in a fall from which you may never arise. However, by the tokens of good sense, if you are married to a vampire, get out of that house before it is time to take your blood.

But if you are just delusional, believing a lie, and flirting with ground hogs,,,,, pull the shades on your mind until that darkness passes, before the whole world finds out that you are a worm without a head.

But don’t make up a case in order to provide your wishy drives for the road you dream about. Put the hell that lives in you in a coffin; nail it shut; and walk away to a new kind of thinking.

Don’t try to tell me you are really a good and great person, when it can clearly be seen from your actions that the faucet at your rear end provides a constant diarrhea brand of spill out that belongs to more than just improper digestion.

But whatever you do,,,,, don ‘t decide that you are either God or the Devil and you have the power and the right to put your life into a deliberate disaster.

As for others of you: don’t let some crock-jar preacher who is privately fanning his own lusts, tell you to keep forgiving with patience your husband who is doing fist surgery on your face every time his cracked neurons flavor his mood.

Some of you need to be set free to anoint the feet of Jesus, no matter what the religious element says. Someone might say: but if I leave him, I don’t know how I will get “by”! If you keep on with what is happening, I’ll tell you how you’ll get “by”: you’ll get “by” it all, as they drive your funeral cart to the grave.

Someone will say:

“I don’t know, Manifester; I don’t feel love in this”…


“You don’t feel love because you don’t recognize love in all it forms.” If your kid wants to play out in the street where the traffic is zooming and he won’t heed your call,,,,, don’t you love him so much you will jerk him away from the traffic even against his will?

Some people can be advised with soft and gentle tones, but others often need a harsh awakening to be saved.

Let’s talk about how to re-arrange your thoughts about your marriage unhappiness. Sometimes after many years of marriage people begin to find faults in their mates. In order to balance against an unjust and unfair decision, do this math….. for each fault your mate has, subtract one fault you have.

If your mate has 10 faults and you have 10 faults, subtract your 10 faults from your mate’s 10 faults. This will give the equation that your mate has zero faults.

If you end up a fault or two one way or the other, so what! If you end up that your mate has all 10 faults and you have none,,,,, make yourself a sandwich of bull meat, take a laxative, and forget it: you’re far too perfect for advice???

Well this trip was just a short excursion that I was led to write for someone out there. I”ll finish the plan on the other promised info soon.

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