The Spirit of the Lord has stirred me to loosen the mind prisoners of false love surmises. Therefore I have given my pen to speak:

A clear trap of nonplussed lure can chain the brain of a human so blindingly the human believes he or she has found true love when in fact the story to unfold is a nightmare to come.

In that state of mind-stripping a family home income and loyalty can be eroded away under the influence of a created false memory. When that false memory has done its work the connections of life that once was will be left as a limp flower trying to bloom alone by the side of the road.

O people of God lament; for the years of worm thieves are always searching to wormwood the hearts of Love. I the Manifester go forth with words from my writer’s ink horn to give the trumpet a certain sound. Hear ye! hear ye! my voice in the wilderness of your confusion.

Song of the wings of Soul flight with illustrious luster go to now like the sword of a noble and cut away the parasite worm that troubles love. Like a flying scroll written in prophesy enter through the shut windows of hope’s mind and bring light to the darkness that abides there.

It is time is it not to separate the wheat from the straw? Due to the boundaries of time let each tested person take the sum of their total life’s experience and with penetrative power apply that sum as a break out passage from all wild thoughts and notions to a counter-action of reasoning.

Before you enlarge the bevel into which you plan to plunge out of sight before the all of your emotions and your everything of heart is packed into containers for shipping into the “wizard of Oz” story-land check the inventory of what you must leave behind and be sure the slop to your launching deck is navigational.

“All that sparkles is not gold” and all that raises vibrations is not Love. Love is designed to be forever so don’t be hasty to kiss the flower whose roots you haven’t examined lest today you smile but tomorrow you cry. .

The question is…… each human has a possession of the right of will. When a person exercises uuns right of will to marry uuns choice of a person and therefore that choice of marriage is clearly the act of the free will person then how does such an act of the free-will person (note: an act not even necessarily a religious decision) become a part of the covenant God made for proxy marriages?

It could be posed that ignorance of the law does not guarantee innocence of the law and therefore is not an exemption of the law’s judgement. Further it could be argued that “possession of the right of one’s will” is subject to being restrained within the laws of the land ordinances.

However there is another view posed by Paul the Apostle and that is that the Law of the Spirit has preeminence over the law of appellative concerns and even over the laws of sin and death (compare Romans 8:1-2 KJV).

When the Old and New Testaments of the Bible were written the term “apostasy” was the foremost meaning of adultery. Any true Bible scholar or deep reader knows this is true.

In my series of “Creating God” I revealed how that persons and religious organizations over many years of time have created by their own ideologies and interpretations aspects and descriptions of God that are false and thereby in a sense have “Created God” as their mind accepts God.

That kind of insight and reasoning is paralleled with the subjects of marriage divorce and adultery. My teachings including of course “The Marriage Before the Dawn” were ministered by me more than thirty years ago. I revealed these revelations to a select group of Destinata and am just now gradually opening up the seals of these vast revelations to whosoever will hear.

Under the term “apostasy” in regards to marriage and divorce there are five issues of application; they are:

1. Adultery

2. Defrauding

3. Jeopardy

4. Mortification

5. Abandonment

You will be sensationalizedwhen you hear these revelations and the Scriptures that accompany them and the results they portray as will be revealed in the soon coming Addendum 8.

With Love

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