Love is a constant moving and heartening in rhythmical concord of harmonious actions. When love is not loving it is like the heart missing a beat. Such missing instances of Love’s giving wonder are Love’s regretful moments.

God has no interest in restoring years and times of suffering you have missed. But God is jealous for every moment you spend drifting from true Love. Love saves those moments for playbacks as elations that belong to your peace.

Rejoin the memories of Love again and again until the over and over of it is like a blue sky of breath transporting joy. A full breathing of Love will set you free from the cares that burden your heart.

Never…by your downloads of discouragements or hurts even for one second un-pen of heart-writ or release from memories lanes the story of Love that belongs to your Soul.

When times trouble your sleep send your thoughts to reminisce your re-identification. Those things that are worthy of your perceptibility call you like an angel in the night.

Contemplations of Love belong to your search to be known as you were once known and for regaining lost Love glimmerings from the past. Love is constantly reclaiming you. Is it not time to be found of God’s Love to the fullest?

The buttons to undo Love are creations of a loveless mind. When you press on such a button the results are: “Love’s Regretful Moments”. The ugliest undo Love button is the button of displacement.

I the Manifester expostulate of pleads that you not forsake your first Love the Love that lifted you to the Graceland of spiritual congruity. In the spirit of God’s belongings your Soul is called to be connected to the umbilical cord of Love forever.

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