The cravings for Love in the human arena begin at birth as a baby. The great divide the great chasm the deep gap are all as separations and objects like valleys of the shadow of death to Love seekers. Nevertheless to those who choose Love even at the risk of death their perfect Love casts out all fear (compare John 14:28 and 1 John 4:17 KJV).

The Path of Love can be winding and full of treacherous crossings. But more to….. the Path of Love can be a journey of the heart that reaches to the highest hope. The Path of Love has a song of its own as it sings:

How many twinkles are in your eyes; How many smiles beneath them lie? I can tell you; I can tell you it is Love.

How many thought charms in your mind; How much glisten and shine can you find? I can tell you; I can tell you it is Love.

On a lace of blue twined of wonder I ride His Majesty’s winds of words spoken with such Love the elements rise to applaud.

The words I hear rise above all the noise of life: “I Love You”…

I begin to breath these words and I fill with elation that takes on personifications of angels who enter my eyes and show me how to see the amazingness of Love.

Once you have seen and tasted true Love all else seems lukewarm. O Love of God hold me lead me on the Path of Love evermore.

Today I am training my lips to kiss open heaven’s door; tomorrow I will enter Love-land.

Come all of you who seek high Love; come and dance in the vibrations of love until you feel the hug of God’s everlasting arms.

In these moments so precious I turn I spin I hop I dance; for the thrill of Love overcomes all the undertows that threaten to steal the happiness of my heart.

Path of Love sometimes you are shaded with great trees; sometimes you are boardered with beautiful flowers. Other times you are like the skin of a kettle drum that shimmers when I walk.

And yet sometimes you lead me into the vale of fear to teach me how that in perfect Love fear has no hold and no voice.

Love is so Lovely; no wonder it is God’s name.

Sometimes the Path of Love is a sky a river or sea or a voice or a tear or a face or two hands of touch that transmit the language of compassion so clearly crystal beacons appear.

Ah suddenly off I must go to the valley of sheen where from <strong>the Path of</strong> <strong>Love </strong>everything is beautiful in its own way.

I tell you my friends do not ever give up on Love; for Love will never give up on you.

Love unto Love

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