The tender touch the Loving touch rise from a caring mind.   Love is so empowering it can increase a persons intuitive ability.  Love can give energy and endurance.  Love can become a shelter.

There are many people who have an inclination to Love but are bound up because they too closely associate love with sex.  Love is so important and is a universal way of thinking and expressing the which sex plays but a very small part.

The heart to Love the whole world comes from innocence a pure simple innocence such as the genuine love of a childs love.

Countless persons whose hearts are stretched with unreleased love are miserable because they do not have the gift or understanding of Love flow.

Ten seconds of concentrated Love can even heal cancer raise the very sick to the road of health and liberate the confused confounded and tormented brain.

In the pointillism of Love portraits wonderful bloom of art every day. When Love is truly set free it opens a set of inner eyes.  In true Love inner eye sight is given even to the hands.

As Love grows in a person it brings that person closer to God because God is Love.

Love has the power to cleanse the dirtiest mind and to heal the most wounded body.  God so Loved the world AM gave Uuns Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus so Loved the world He considered all people potentially His friends for whom He was willing to lay down His life of His own decision.  Jesus well understood and so prayed that those not in the link of friendship Father forgive them; they know not what they were doing (Luke 23:34 KJV paraphrased).

It is difficult sometimes to forgive the dirty rag that has smeared you but true Love sees beyond the human character so used to the inner person which is the angel of that persons presence.

Love is company and will go with you if you allow it all the days of  your life.

May the Lord Heal you this day.  I Love You

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