A beautiful word spoken at a beautiful time  a thing expressed a motion made a look not to be forgotten a hug that sent vibration all the way into the Soul

The finding of the jewels of kindness in a rare moment of discovery in someone you love  when from out of the gloom suddenly through Love the world for precious instances glows with light beams of hope.

The moment in the elation of Love when for the first time you feel you have found your own Soul or that you have by a special envoy of thought opened a seal into your lost memories

The finding of a matching heart and mind who by God-design fits your Love in a spirit-to-spirit union

That first certain look of awareness in the eyes of a child that says I love you Mommy or Daddy

As you are reading the words of God a rush of deepening knowledge that you Love God far beyond all else

An exotic whisper grows into a shout when you realize God has known and Loved you before this world had even begun.

That beautiful moment when the threat of death no longer had a sting to your mind

The sensation of a far-away look having come into your eyes and set you free in a way indescribable

That beautiful moment that your deep gut tells youthat a messenger of God has been sent and you are destined for the message

That beautiful moment when Love becomes your song of everything good

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