It was the time of Jerusalems big Passover Feast and religious show time.  It was thronged with pilgrims.  It was custom to release a prisoner and make a case of someone else.  This was showtime for the Sanhedrin the Priests and high ranking Pharisees and Sadducees. (Compare Matthew 26:2 and Matthew 27:15 KJV.)

The Roman soldiers according to the Roman capital orders kept in political stride and tried to not be too evident of presence but that was quite an impossible stride.

Jesus Christ and His gang had been a thorn in the side of the Sanhedrin and especially the Jewish religious faction for some time.  It was planned if He showed up at the Passover Feast to arrest him on whatever charge necessary.  This event would send a message to the rebels of the times and perfectly tie into the theme of the Passover. (Compare Mark 14:1-2 and Mark 14:10-11 KJV.)

As event passed into event they arrested Jesus punished Him severely with a beating convicted Him and surely you know the story: led Him away with three transgressors (includes Simon of Cyrene oracle) to be hung on a cross one of the worlds most gruesome methods of death sentencing (Matthew 26:48-27:35 KJV).

The spectacle the show was for many of the Jewish religious leaders very satisfying and in that time of Roman occupation allowed for a kind of proof that the Priesthood and the Sanhedrin were still in charge.  And the crowd enjoyed it like the Romans enjoyed their Gladiator Colosseum fights to the death.  That is not to say that there was not an underground group that despised the treatment of Jesus (compare Matthew 27:57-61 and John 19:38 KJV).

But to those deep into the mind of the Passover events there was a gloom that hung over the city and the weather was foreboding in a kind of overcast way (Matthew 27:50-51 KJV).  The milling crowd feasted did their prayers and attendance at the Temple.  But nearly no one wanted to miss the Crucifixion show which was not even Jewish but of Roman style.  The priests however decided it fulfilled the law (John 11:49-53 KJV); for after all it was written cursed be everyone who hangs on a tree (compare Galatians 3:13 and Deuteronomy 21:22-23 KJV).

Meanwhile at the crucifixion site four men (includes an unwritten here oracle about Simon of Cyrene Matthew 27:32 and Luke 23:26 KJV and the fourth man oracle of Daniel 3:23-25 KJV; were crudely fastened by nails and rope around the wrists to four cross-poles (compare Habakkuk 3:4 Zechariah 13:6 Luke 24:39 and John 20:27 KJV: nails in the palms of the hands cannot hold the body; therefore rope or twine was tied around the wrists also).  I elect to call these crosses rods (Psalms 23:4 KJV – in some dictionaries or thesauruses a rod is called a cross).    On that day as Aarons rod that bloomed of blossoms the rod upon which Jesus hung bloomed (compare Numbers 17:8 KJV).

As Jesus surveyed His kingdom from His rod cross it was a marvelous day:  Everywhere as far as His eyes could see over twelve legions of holy angels had come out to stand by Him all with banners and streamers of plush and beautiful colors flowing in the winds (Matthew 26:53 KJV Psalms 20:5-6 NIV and Hebrews 12:22 KJV).

The milling crowds could not see this wonder nor could they see the millions of demons sent by Satan who taunted the minds of the crowd to hate and despise Jesus without a cause (compare Revelation 16:13-14 KJV).

Very early in the crucifixion too early to have died Jesus began releasing His spirit from His body.. Suddenly His body reacting a vocal reflect to the departing of the spirit (Christs spirit being also the angel of His presence) the body cried to its spirit: My God My God why are you forsaking me? (compare Matthew 27:46 Psalms 22:1 and Psalms 22:11 KJV).

Then without answer Jesus gave up of His own free will His ghost – or as it may be said gave up His spirit. Instantly the body of Jesus collapsed in a state of death; for the body without the spirit is dead (compare James 2:26 KJV) but the ministry action by Jesuss spirit would be at the speed of light (compare Matthew 24:27 KJV) and so quickening of event that barely would the Roman centurion have checked and reported Jesus dead when the spirit of Jesus returned to His body not even allowing enough time for rigor mortis to set in (Psalms 16:10 and Acts 13:37 KJV) but still having completed His ministry in Lower Paradise to the sometime disobedient persons who were bound there (compare 1 Peter 3:18-21 KJV).

Open up the leaves of the garden and read what is written there concerning Jesus: Was His transition  a death and resurrection or was it a state of death and a transfiguration? (Transfiguration can be a method of body healing in which a wounded body takes on another form while the original body is regenerating – compare Mark 16:12 KJV).

Therefore my Father doth love me because I lay down my life that I might take it again.  No man taketh it from me but I lay it down of myself.  I have the power to lay it down of myself and I have the power to take it again (compare John 10:17-18 KJV).

For as the Father has life in himself; so has he given the Son to have life in himself (compare John 5:26 KJV).

Jesus said unto Martha the sister of Lazarus (for she thought as taught by the theologians that the resurrection was some far off time happening only at the end of the world event which could not be preceded): I am the resurrection and the life:  he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live (compare John 11:21-25 KJV).

And one of the malefactors hanging on a cross at the same time Jesus was being crucified said unto Jesus:  Remember me when you come into your kingdom; and Jesus said unto him Verily I say unto thee today you shall be with me in paradise (compare St. Luke 23:42-43 KJV).

The Bible says there is a second death; and therefore we know there is a first death.  Very interestingly a special event in which death had no sting (this meaning of a no-sting death has rarely been understood – compare 1 Corinthians 15:55 KJV) was a deep revelation specifically about the Jesus death event of which I will hopefully have somewhat to say at a later time.

If the death that humans planned for Jesus was a plan by men to take the living life of Jesus and lay it down  wouldnt that conflict with the words of Jesus who said No man taketh my life from me but I lay it down myself (see above)?

Someone will say: what Jesus was saying was:  Jesus allowed himself of his own free will to be killed and to suffer and die.  But what people thought they saw happening and what they reported that happened was that really how it happened?  The Bible says the general public reckoned Jesus among the transgressors (although He was not – Luke 22:37 and Isaiah 53:12 KJV).  And how people interpret the Scriptures on the Jesus event called Easter are those the real interpretations?

They did not break the bones of Jesus on the cross but broke the bones of the two thieves.. Why?  And why were they breaking the bones? Of course this examination occurred during the spirit absence of Jesus when His body was in a state of death.  The other men on the crosses were still alive and breaking the bones was to hurry death so their bodies could be removed according to the times of religious laws.

And what did it mean when the heavenly angel appeared to Jesus during his mental agony and strengthened him?  What did that angel do and how long did that act and effect of strengthening last (Luke 22:43 KJV)? If the clothing and shoes of the children lasted forty years without aging or wearing out because of the anointing how much more would such a divine strengthening involve divine actions by the angels to Jesus? (Compare Deuteronomy 8:4 KJV.)

How deep in mystery is this strengthening of Jesus this bearing Jesus up lest He dash His feet against a stone?  From birth Jesus had guardian angels: it was a guardian angel who strengthened Jesus  when He prayed if it was the will of God for the cup of the cross to pass from Him (Luke 22:42-43 KJV).  It was a guardian angel who took on the character of Simon of Cyrene who lifted and carried the cross to Calvary for and with Jesus: He was the fourth man on the cross – an invisible cross that only eyes not holden could see.  He was a co-uned angel of Jesus and He also rolled away the stone from the sepulchre of Jesus (Mark 16:4-5 KJV).

How long did that angelic strengthening last?  Did it take Jesus all the way through the crucifixion?  Is this a part of the Scripture that says God gave His angels charge concerning  Jesus to bare Him up lest He dash His feet against a stone (Psalms 91:11-12 and Luke 4:10-11 KJV)?  These guardian angels are a part of Christs own being and are with Jesus forever and even as Jesus rejoins in co-une to the Father.

Happy Easter

My Love

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