The will of the spirit of a person can equal a lifetime of effort and energy.  So then when ones will is fastened on Love it can be as powerful as a rolling wave in a raging sea.

It is Gods will to Love you and if you would attach yourself to that aspect of Gods will not all the troubles in the world would be able to detach you from it (Romans 8:38-39 KJV).

Before you slap your own face kiss your hand first and wish Love to yourself.  You will hardly feel your slap.  Blaming yourself is a slap so Love yourself first as the Scriptures say:  Love your neighbor as you love yourself (compare Matthew 22:39 KJV).  Such Love for yourself is the beginning of forgiveness for others.

Turn a light on in your heart and check your wills that furnish your heart.  The will to endure for what and who you Love can turn worlds around.  If something is worth really believing then that something is worth breathing for and living for.

The will of Love that says no to interference can be like a high wall of rock.  With such a gift you hold the keys; so dont give those keys away or loan them out.  They belong to you because they are a part of your hearts territory.

The persistence of the will has overcoming power and even the satans knowthat a persons will can even overcome fire.

Even when death comes knocking on your door if it is strongly your will to live longer for a purpose of a persondeath will often take a seat in respect and wait.

The will is like a flower not visited that keeps blooming beyond its time and giving out its colors and scents until the honey bees come to visit it.

The will is so determined sometimes that it can even bend steel or draw rain even when there are no clouds in the sky.

Many people never get to know or understand their will or anyone else s will or Gods will because they dont give the will a chance.

Give Love its time and chance and you will discover the wishes of God.  The will of Love is a wonderful thing.  There is no cure for loneliness but Love (Psalms  25:15-16 NIV) no cure for impatience but the will (Hebrews  6:12 NIV).

Pray for a good will and butterflies of Love will come and land on your shoulders.

My will cannot let go of those I love; I Love you

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