Humankind is still very much into a hoary, primitive kind of love and, sadly, thinks it is the real love.  The constancy for continuing this primitive, inspirational emotion is ignorance, lust, and false advertising.

So many resorts of expression have been used to describe “love” that the true reality of love has never had an opportunity to develop in the general minds of the human race.  The reduction of advance this has kept the human race in…is an intercept motive of dark principalities.

This love stupor is a love mix up, which indubitably has undermined the sublime and magnificent reality potential of real Love.  I pray that God will strip this backwardness from its falsely exalted fossil of subordinate mentality.

Great-hearted Love – not brutish, not rude – belongs to noble heights of thinking, which conjunction connects to the Star Rise of those who will shine as stars of Love forever.

Stand by this Manifest truth, for you have been enrolled into the class of freedom. Flee from the misty antediluvian past.  The finish finery of the human mind has remained uncreated long enough.  Once you become polished with true Love, the flunkeyism of deception will fall away into meaningless space.

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