Rising memories from a time before this time of a high-born, regal state of mind,,,,, a newfangled classiness begotten from a past time of princely royalty,,,,,  a recurrent of recollections looming and flowing which are dubbed in and out before the  mind screen,,,,, at first, I wondered what could have loosed such an Energy Dot so full of memories….. But then I thought…when Jesus Christ, in His descending Love, came down from His glory, He drew imprints of words – unspeakable, full of glory – and quickened of Spirit, causing faith to become the substance that belonged to every person’s destiny.  What is the distance to the dimension of this glorious Word? Is it not the time to clear the way for the dethroning of superficial myths by the resolvable reasons of revelation?

Where are the pure in heart who recognize truth when they hear it? Come all you who are wisehearted, who hear with your heart and are not influenced by the densities of the mass word of the religious synthesis, or by the ever changing views of the scientific facts committee. This is not said to render disrespect to persons of religious groups or their teachers, or to render disrespect to persons in the scientific community.  We need all acknowledge their contributions and points of greatness.

But what this does say is:  the beginning and the end of insight does not circle around those said persons of religious or scientific views, who are acting as modems of factual information but who are often more into the uncertainty factor than the factor of precision.

There are ages of error that multitudes of humans have lived in, believing those errors.  It is time to say that all truth that has value belongs to God who created it.

The coordinates to truth must come from the Spirit of the Cosmological Constant of God’s Love.  Yes, there is a rationality of intellect; yes, there is a grasp of inspiration that certain contributions of concepts have added to opening thought.  But still and by large there is a vacancy of comprehension to the total and real picture of what the all of the all is really about.

We need to breathe; we need the cloudiness off our backs.  We need to coordinate with our own Souls.  We need to meet God in the valley of blooms, “where the skies are not cloudy all day”.

What about truth and insight regarding marriage, conjugality, and the nuptial tie?  “The Marriage Before the Dawn” is such revelation of truth.  I say to the mask, the muzzle, the hush, the shade, the smother, and the unenlightenment that has obstructed this truth, “BE GONE!”

Jesus gave two parabolic examples that could apply to divorce… (Keep in mind that Jesus taught the common human masses in parables – Matthew 13:34 KJV.  Deep insight was very selective as to who Jesus revealed it to, even when it came to the disciples; for instance, only three disciples – Peter, James, and John – were allowed to go with Jesus to the Mount of Transfiguration – Matthew 17:1-9 KJV.)

Fornication —- (compare Matthew 19: 7-12 KJV).

In application to the Greek translation to English, the meaning has to do with sexual marriage misconduct, but figuratively has to do with idolatry.

Accordingly, if you invert a parable and get a figurative subject, the figurative subject could come close to connecting a synecdoche take-off to the spiritual meaning of the parable.  It is such a case that would speak of a spiritual apostasy in the sense of idolatry representing a spiritual falling away from the worship of God (a spiritual kind of adultery to the Marriage Before the Dawn).

Interestingly, three well-used versions of the Bible use different terms to describe the translated language of Jesus:

KJV uses the term:  ”Fornication” (Matthew 19:9 KJV).

NAS uses the term:  “immorality” (Matthew 19:9 NAS).

NIV uses the term:  “marital unfaithfulness” (Matthew 19:9 NIV).

Just to give an idea as to how the variation of these terms can be synonym-wise, let’s look at the broad-view of the NAS translation, “immorality” via the Complete WordFinder dictionary:

  1. Not conforming to accepted standards of morality.
  2. Morally wrong (especially in sexual matters).
  3. Depraved.”


  1. unacceptable, unethical, unprincipled…disgraceful…indecent….
  2.  corrupt, bad, wicked, evil…sinful, impure…vile, depraved…
  3. promiscuous…”

The figurative term “idolatry”, relates to the term “fornication” in the Strong’s Greek Dictionary concordance #4202, #4203, and #4204 as refers to Matthew 19:9 KJV.

According to the Manifest Peace Bible interpretation… the term “fornication”, defined as presented by Jesus Christ, means:


Persons by their unfaithful actions who have abridged or amended their marriage covenant, under God, spiritually, and/or have amended their covenant under God, physically, to their proxy marriage (which proxy marriage metaphors their heavenly marriage before the dawn of time) by betrayal of their mate due to breaking the bonding and joining of the sexual marital morals of their marriage.

The eunuch non-marriage mystery:  Matthew 19:10-12 as revealed by the Manifest Peace Bible interpretation:

Matthew  19:12 MIV:  “There are some persons who are non-sexual persons (eunuchs) due to genetic differentiation and therefore are not inclined to marriage.

“There are some persons who due to medical (surgery) interceptions have been made non-active sexual persons (eunuchs) and therefore have no sexual capacity for fulfilling a marriage.

“And there are those persons who by self-abstinence have become non-active sexual persons (eunuchs) due to having chosen to refuse an earthly marriage and, rather, having chosen to reserve themselves for a heavenly marriage.  Whosoever can comprehend, let it be so!”

Strange – is it not? – that the given Matthew 19:9 verse (”to put away”, KJV – “divorce”, NIV) is the only New Testament example given under the word “divorce” by Jesus that directly uses the term “divorce” with a presentation that allows a reason for divorce.

Not even death is mentioned as an out for the surviving person from marriage.  Why?  Obviously, because Jesus is really concentrating on the spiritual divorce; and that is the insight of the “eunuch” revelation and “The Marriage Before the Dawn”.

Jesus, referring to His wondrous method of selective and parabolic revealing (especially according to the time frame), said:

“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops,” (Matthew 10:27 KJV) and: “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”, (Matthew 18:18 KJV).

Jesus was constantly affirming the importance of heeding the spiritual over the physical:

“And fear not them (respect not the physical powers) which kill the body but are not able to kill the Soul:  but rather fear Him (respect the Lord) who has power over both the body and Soul in regards to hell.”  (Matthew  10:28 MIV)

I will stop for now because this teaching is long enough, and I will continue this series soon.

By God I-AM, whose light is brighter than all the suns in the universe, I bid grace and blessings on your comprehension of this word

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