To be at peace with one’s self is one of the most important themes of thought a person can pursue.  Tranquility is a deep sea of stimulus and super reflectivity.  If you look into that sea of thought you will discover the world of your heart.

Beyond the forestall of quivering that makes one doubt the “which way” of everything and shakes the faith for any move or motion not ordinary,,,,, there is a state of abiding peace greater than fear can match.

Infuse me, O Counteract-of-all-worries; light every speck of darkness in my soul.  O Healing-waters-of-tranquility, let me nap on your waves of peace.  I call to you from the deep spinnings where questions are the fish of the sea.  Tell me where to cast the lattice of my net.  Show me how to remove these fish that swarm my soul.

When I go to sleep, they are there; when I wake, they are there; when I dream, they are there.  Who will deliver me from the sorrow that I see upon the world?  If not you, O Lord, who?  Yea, there is no one!  You are the only One sailing on these waters whose ship can sail in peace on the raging seas.

Give me this day to no longer be a weakling who cannot reach out to heal the fallen sparrows.  Give me this day the gift to comfort the sick, the despairing, the wounded of soul.

“Lead me beside the still waters” of Love, and baptise me again and again until the doves come to coo.  There is no other Light I seek; there is no other hope I search for.  I have found but scant trust of confidence in the road of life walkers to take commitments into the long time and through the tremble and flutter of life’s challenges.

One day they are as champions ready for all combatants.  But in only days they become emotional weeping willows, self-composed, self-concerned, whose limbs touch the ground instead of the sky.

The human animal is an indeterminate creature.  Even family blood sometimes transfuses into other blood lines of thought.  Such is a dissent from colors of the royalty of reaching-out-to-the-needy to pale colors of self-needs.

I stroke hours of awakeness as if my eyes belonged to a creature of all-seeings that I have taken in as a pet.  But the more I see, the more I wain into sadness.  When I see the cup of fullness, the sufferings of the world are, it is like looking into the universe and not being able to see its end.

So then, tired and weary of the long hunt and grinding labors to save the lost, I find myself slipping into zones of thought where I dream of a great field of waving green grasses and I go to lie down in that field to sleep and to slowly vanish into the serenity of foreverness.

Yet, I know because of the me that God made me to be, I will not vanish; but I will rise to the toil and war of minds until the last atom in me can continue to minister Love no more.

Sweet cup of tea, full of sleepiness and calm, come to my lips and pour your juices down my throat.  I go now to the living room to put on my heavy armour.  I bow to the  Lord; I kneel and kiss His feet.  He looks at me and says no words.  But I know He loves me, and I know He will stand by me to the end.

My heart sobs; my eyes look far away; my feet tremble; my hands tighten for war.  I hear my own inner groans; yet, somehow it is music to my ears.   I step outside to face the world.  My mind is already in the spinnings; thoughts fly like hummingbirds around my ears.

I go to the forest of mystery.  There I will find among the trees of many, a tree of destiny to whom I am to minister again.  It is a wonderful, tough day made out of chewy stuff, hard to digest.  The Lord cares so much for me to trust me with such a tough job, I will worship AM forever!

The Lord spoke to me and said:  I see you walking toward the mind lanes of tranquility, and you are soon to discover the rough surface is only on the surface…beneath is tranquil space.

I go to walk on waters: pray for me; I am only a human like unto other men.  Pray for me!

I Love you,

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