THIS IS A CONTINUING BLOG REGARDING THE BIBLE SIDE OF THE STORY… ABOUT PLAGUES, SUCH AS THE SWINE INFLUENZA:  To be added to hour by hour and/or day by day on the Manifester Blog web site.

Stand by for latest insight on flash of revelation!

Report:  Great flurries of swallowing darkness threaten the peace of life…..

On one side of the border they die of the swine-flu; on the other side of the border they only get a mild case of the swine-flu.  What does this mean?

U.S. DECLARES PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY????  New strain!!! No serum!!!

By which gate of fortune, fate, or destiny do such things come,,,,, the angels of wrath or germ warfare?  The anti-genius of  human cause or the elements of nature in revenge? Or just a continuum of life on the planet?

Whose Passover will this be for:  most everyone, or will a great dying pursue?   The kiss-me-not-influenza has landed and is just mixing its codes.  The bird of dinosaur mind is mixed there.  Is this a set-up invasion for designing a beachhead yonder years to come?  Or will this inhalation of viral transmissions become pronounced now?

Stand up immunology; let the antigens make challenge now.  Rise lymphatic system;  use pathogenic mechanisms, let this super bug from hell who kills with stressed and labored breathing…die!

This potential international range of the present swine strain of influenza is an intelligent mutation.  Its disguise in the U.S. is called ”mild” – a word synonym because it has not reached the momentum of spin fusion and cycles yet to come.  Presently, only the mild waves are being aired in the U.S., but time can breed a flu-tsunami  beyond expectation.

There is a certain public hypnotic state induced by the news media that confines millions to sit by their television screens waiting for instructions.   Is it not time to pray and watch for spiritual leadings?

Get hold of the reins of your mind: keep calm; don’t panic; regard a reasonable amount of additional social separation.   Put some money aside if at all possible for quick moves when needed.

The chief elements of  plight are not yet in place.  Let us enter the battlegrounds of our minds to turn back the swarming of the swine flu-bugs.  Let us photo-transition  for this present swine flue-bug to fizzle out.  In the end, the determination is with the results of the Principalities at war.

Don’t think I am unaware or against civic and medical advice: I AM NOT!  A person drunk on extreme spiritual consigns, often ends up a victim due to an improper balance of reasoning.


I am on track; I am ready to strum the soundtrons.  With God’s leadings, I will hiss for this plague to fizzle.  Death to these RNH mutants; death to their transmissibility.

Ezekiel  47:7-9 and Ezekiel  47:12 MIV (Manifest Peace Bible Interpretation Version)……

(7) “I came to the bank of the river, and there were many trees, on both sides of it.”

(8) “And its waters issued as an eastern sunrise of life into the countries of the earth.  And everywhere these waters touch, it will bring healing and life.”

(9) “So it was, every creature and thing that had movement and life, wheresoever the rivers of the soundtron waves touch, are destined to be healed and given life.”

(12) “And of those trees on the sides of the river, which are select mediums of spiritual manifestations.  Their leaves shall not fade; their fruit shall provide protein, and their fruit shall not be seasonal but perpetual according to the circuits of the soundtron which issues out of the Will of God’s Anointing.   So then, the leaves of these trees shall be for medicine, and the fruits shall be for the substance of life.”

Punctilious information, yet to come!!!

Report!  U.S. National Swine Flu Pandemic warning level moving from -3- toward -6-, the prime Pandemic level.  The World Health Organization Pandemic warning level is at -4- . What does this mean?  An outbreak is gaining momentum!

Face mask…wear or don’t wear?   Many masks have holes the size of 5 microns; the flu virus can get through 2 microns.  But if no micron holes, no air can be breathed in.  Nevertheless,  mathematically, the holes only take up a certain area of the mask and the netting between the holes will certainly stop up to 70% or more 0f the sneeze fluid sprayed on the mask from a direction toward the mask.  Of the portion from the sneeze that actually hits the mask not all the mucus may be invaded by the virus.   I gage the risk at 5 to 10% with a mask, and up to 70% to a directed virus infected sneeze without a mask.  Check out masks at lessor micron sizes.  Of course, replace the sneezed- on mask and wash your hands.

O’ World of Patriarchs, rise from your stance and pray for peace and protection for the people of the earth.   Lord, may your unfailing Love come as doves sweeping down to beak up olive leaves as symbols against the threat to the health of the people of this planet.

Destinata….stand by for special instructions soon to come!  Be not afraid or alarmed, but brace yourself.  Think about your food and water supply.  Think on ideas about survival.

“The #5N1 Bird Strain flu killed millions of birds from Asia to Europe to Africa”; 1/2 of the 200 people that came down with it died.  “It is estimated that from a pandemic in the U.S.  90 million people would contract the disease and 1.9 million people would die nationwide”.

There is no 100 percent preventive barrier to a pandemic except the mercy of God.  God is merciful enough, but do people have enough will to be delivered from the virulent curse of a global epidemic?

Report:  First child/person dies in the U.S. (Texas).  Is this the beginning of the flurries of the swallowing darkness of death in the United States of America?

The Lord would comfort you dear friends, please only believe:

Isaiah 43:1-3 NIV:

1.  “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by my name; you are mine”.

2.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, I will be with you; they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

3.  For I am the Lord your God.

Report:  World Health Organization move Pandemic warning to -5- that a pandemic is imminent!!!!  News Media says a Global breakout of Swine flu may not be stopable. W.H.O. says the whole world is at threat.

Stand by, I will be giving instructions soon!

Flash!  Do not panic, do not go into hysteria,  This first wave of the Swine flu may fizzle out.  ‘Buy food, water, and medical supplies on a little at a time, best prices, but don’t go over board.  The Lord will provide ample insight.

The Manifester

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