In times like these when uncertainties abound and threats to life surge through every mix of people happenings, the one value a person can hold to is a Faithful Heart.

The Faithful Heart does not procrastinate with its Love.  The Faithful Heart Loves enchantingly and unendingly. The Faithful Heart is a model about God’s Love.  The Faithful Heart does not put to risk those uun* Loves.  The Faithful Heart is fearless when it comes to saving and preserving those uun* Loves.

Concerning the levels of Love, the Faithful Heart proceeds from the deepest of Love.  The Faithful Heart Loves the spirit-person of individuals and is not distracted from that Love by sickness, aging, physical defects, or faults.

Whosoever turns on to the heart faithful highway will begin to see with uuns heart instead of uuns eyes.   True Love does not need lust to prop it or to satisfy its longings of heart.  Faithful and true Love will not use its mate for the youthful and attractive years of life and then toss its mate away for another.

The Faithful Heart pulsates daily in unconditional love; its vibrations visit paradise.  In the proverbs of precepts, let it be said:  The Faithful Heart refreshes itself every day and becomes new every morning.

The Faithful Heart labors to bring forth interesting conversations and thoughts, lovely to think on, and colors of life, entertaining and fulfilling to look upon.  The Faithful Heart uses all its human five senses to charm the days and to share its peace of soul.

The Faithful Heart honors and worships God, for the Faithful Heart knows that God is Love and the only One who has power to recharge the human heart with Love.

It is a crime what is done in the name of love and faithfulness that actually belongs to selfishness.  Nevertheless, the greatest clearing house of all sin and crime is the Love of God.

The sentiment of Love has a carriage which, to Hate, is invincible because Hate cannot endure the face of Love.   The domineering person, self-approved, is a person lonely for Love who when Love is found becomes a changed soul.

Irritable and contentious times file down pleasant hopes, but cannot touch the Faithful Heart.

* “uun” is a new manifest word that does not exclude male or female gender but allows the application of either or both sexes when the text does not specify gender but includes both.  Additionally, the term is used to give relief to often repeated pronouns.

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