A table, a few chairs, a deck of cards, a blowing wind,,,,, the cards fly apart and begin to blow away until only two cards face down are left.  A radiant voice speaks:  Long live the courage of Love.  The two cards flip over without hands… They are the King and Queen of Hearts….. It is the time of the King and Queen ministry about the Love of God.

Stroke my ignorance; toss my errors; send flowers to those in beginning Love. Today I will walk out of my past self and put on the garb of a virtual King!  Open the theatre; jam the airways with announcements; sing with a thousand tongues of music.  Bend those notes on the guitar with such gravity that your blues steps down. Floss the good souls right out of the Devil’s teeth.  Run with this message like an athlete, until Love makes all the hung-up and stopped worlds turn on again.

Follow me my friends: today I plan to weld the gates of hell shut so tightly that the devils will need to admit that the gates of hell cannot prevail against true believers of the God of Love.  My welder is called “the Love torch”.  O Master Teacher, my Brother and my Father, show me the language of cuddle, so that I might with my words cuddle the lost and sick.

To be a King or a Queen of Love….. Love must become symphonious to your thoughts; compassion must become a paragon of your style of life; forgiveness must become a pulse reaction in your momentums.  Your conjectures will be laced with hope, and your heart will throb in alignment with the Love of God.

It is written we shall become Kings and Priests.  The term “Priests” represents the church, which is symbolized by the Woman Bride of Christ.  Thus we have the Kings and Queens ministry (compare Revelation 5:10 KJV).

A heart of Love is a heart of affectionate reasoning and of care and graceful attendance to the needs of others.  The heart of Love is wise and full of healing medicines.  Time carries no consequences to hearts that Love in true Love, because their Love is eternal.

A table, a few chairs, a loaf of bread and sopping (dipping) juices,,,,, two hands moving prophetically across the table handing out the sopped bread as a communion of the substance and vital essence of life,,,,, the hands of the King Christ passed on the Kingship to those of the then and the afore who would sop with Him.  They were then and are now Kings and Queens elect.

A voice speaks:  Long live the Kings and Queens ministry…..THE MANIFESTER IS NOW ON THE  YOUTUBE, TWITTER, AND TANGLE (God Tube)….  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FjoXfnkyz4. You are invited.

“If all of the books about the Lord of Love were written that SHOULD BE WRITTEN,  Love’s Story would fill the universe and still enough could not be said, nor could the common minds of the human race be able to grasp it all” (compare St. John  21:25 MIV paraphrased).

O’ Destinata, you are Loved, and it is your destiny to be messengers of Love.  On your journey, God’s Love will polish you until your love spangles, gleams, and sparkles with shinings that will light up worlds of lives.  I christened you for the power of the spirit-to-spirit, Kings and Queens Ministry.

“Loyal Love belongs to the Kings and Queens of Love.  They rise morning by morning and light up the lives of their loves.  Their breaths are sweetened by heavenly things; their hands are made smooth by stroking angel’s hair.  Their Love is too great to be fully explained” (see The Manifester Blog: Love’s Lost And Found Regions of the Mind).

My Love to you,

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