The public market has been drenched with offers by religious racketeers offering, for sale or for a gift offering, information warning of world disasters, the coming of Christ, and the end of the world.

These doomsayers set loose their calibrations for the effect of sensation without having any true scientific fact and without having a true word from God.   False books, even giving dates of coming events, have sold in the millions which predicted dates and events that passed without incident, and those that remain on bookshelves are evidence of such fraud.

There are, of course, serious times ahead, and information as how to handle a crisis can be life saving;  but the public does not need a bunch of loose screws in the engine of information.

This Jesus has told us:  there will always be the poor; there will always be wars and rumours of war; there will always be human hearts failing for fear; there will always be natural disasters (Mark 14:7, Matthew 24:6, Luke 21:26, and Matthew 24:7 KJV).  Those that will be saved from such things must endure through the end of them (Matthew 24:13 KJV).  Jesus further said:  if a person had even a mustard seed of faith, such mountains of terror could be cast away from that person and his family (Matthew 17:20 KJV).

Yes, Jesus said someday there will be an end of world time and, sometime, He Jesus would come again, but that God had given it to no angels or humans to know this time (Mark 13:32 KJV).

The advice of Jesus was to occupy until He came again (Luke 19:13 KJV).  Jesus repeatedly said the end was not yet and even the very difficult times being faced then during the physical earth ministry of Jesus were just beginnings of sorrows (Matthew 24:8 KJV).

Jesus further said:  Don’t get twisted up in some theology about the judgement day and the ultimate resurrection. He said: I am the way the truth and the life, and I am the living resurrection (Matthew 11:24-25 KJV).

The Manifester, in the tradition of Jesus, would say to you:  There is a place of thinking that I call “the mind sanctuary”.  This mind sanctuary allows a rational approach to prepare for survival threats, and removes the terror of mind that blinds a reasonable response.

Beyond the mechanisms of intuitive trusts, beyond the mass media of news sensations, beyond the hysteria of religious freaks who always have one hand on the throttle of money, there remains a coordinator for complex reasoning wherewith to marginalise extreme strains to the mind brought about through the fusion of false or sensational disinformation.  That coordinator is the Holy Spirit.

Through manifest realization there is a state of mind sanctuary that imbues a person with calm and confidence – free of fear, but reasonable of observation and accounting of on-going events in the world.

There is no future huddling with notions and theories about fragile or superfluous states of existence that are not based on sound revelation of fact or God revelation.  No problems are insurmountable in Christ!

In the transforms of manifest teaching, one walks out of the gloom and doom and enters the workshop of miracles and wonders of truth by knowing the real meanings of the Word of God.

God has revealed a pattern which has a measure of revelation that opens the secret passage to dimensions of how to believe and how to think a new and living way.  No stranger not manifested with this insight can but, by exception, enter this sanctuary of mental peace.

It is a kind of Royal cubit instead of the common cubit. Therefore it is written:  “It shall come to be in a future, I God the I-AM will give account of the universes so that the universes shall speak to humankind” (Energy Dot revelation, Hosea  2:21 MIV).

“Then humankind shall testify to the 30-fold, 60-fold and 100-fold concerning the things God has sown” (Hosea  2:22 MIV).

In this sanctuary of your manifested mind you shall gain power over the fall of the angel of your presence in its moments of ancient times (compare Hosea 12:4 MIV).

As to the much-talked-about date, December 21, 2012… The end of the calendar thing means nothing.  I will not ascribe prophecy to these Mayans who monstrously tortured and murdered masses of people, old and young, in brutal sacrifices to their pagan gods.  So they had advanced math and astronomy….. so what!  History records lots of insane persons who had a genius even though they were crazy.

The Earth will pass through this time still intact.  Nevertheless, between now and that time is a time of potential disease, war, natural rebellion of the elements, financial turmoil, and increased visitation of outer space phenomenon because, as Jesus said, there will always be wars, pestilence, upheavals in nature, distress and on and on.

If the planet people can make it major non-war beyond this date, a great upsurge in modern medical and technical advance will pursue.

I believe the United States will still remain a major power through the year 2012.

The Manifest revelation will grow tremendously by end of 2012, and more and more persons will come into the mind of sanctuary

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