UNTO YOU WHO HAVE AN EAR TO HEAR WHAT THE MEMRA (LANGUAGE OF THE WORD OF GOD) HAS TO SAY: There are words unspeakable and full of glory which are undecipherable to non-believers who do not have a divine universal language deed title…complete with sacred codes. When truth unequaled in its presentation rises, it is not long before the ratios of that truth begin to tip the scales from negative syntones to positive syntones for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

The First Revelation to Moses of the Ten Words (actually, words of tens, Compare, Strong’s Hebrew Concordance #6680 tsavah [Savah] in tens a prime root, [translated in error to commandment], is just one of the deeply embedded truths hidden of clear vision to the hearers and readers of the Word.

WORDS WRITTEN IN TENS that Moses received on the Mount after 40 days of fasting and waiting before the Lord of the First Revelation were far superior to the Second Revelation of what has become known as the Ten Commandments. Interestingly, but blindly when people read the Bible it seems to say that there was no changes made of the wording of the first tables that were broken and the second set of replacement tables. But this is because after the Golden Calf transgression the thou shall Blessings which regarded the First tables were made invisible beneath the curses to violators of the thou shall not sayings. * * * *


1. Was written on the FIRST SET of tables was made by the Lord out of stone by divine transformation without hammer or hewing, compare, Deuteronomy 5: 9:10-11 KJV

2. The SECOND SET of tables were made by the hewing of them into shape by Moses and put in an Ark of the Covenant, also called Ark of the Testimony over it two images of guardian Cherubim angels and a mercy seat set up in the most holy place as an ALTAR.

(Compare, Exodus 20:25: And if thou wilt make an altar of stone, thou shalt NOT build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it , thou has polluted it, also compare: Deuteronomy 27:6 KJV, as can be seen from the scriptures, things that had to do with altar material which were of stones, were to be stones used in there natural found form or stones divinely transformed.)

The LORD made it clear to moses that he could not see AM’s face and live but AM allowed Moses to see AM’s back parts which were the angels who accompanied AM. (Compare Exodus 33: 17-23). There are several scriptures that seem to contradict this but this is because the face to face experience Moses did have was AM’s face covered with Shekinah glory and the face of Moses covered with a shining aura.

Compare, MIV Deuteronomy 5:24…And the elders said: How Awesome! The LORD our God has shown us Ams glory and greatness and we have heard AMs voice through Moses our Prophet who has spoken to the LORD’s Shekinah glory face-to-face with The Aura Glory face of Moses. And Moses has learned the language of the Tens which was spoken in the LORD’s amtrictic fire voice of Memra and did not die.


Exodus 19:9 And* The LORD said unto Moses, I have made it so you can behold Me in a thick cloud of Shekinah glory and hear what I speak to you for the people that they may believe you forever. Then Moses conveyed these sayings to the people.

Exodus 19:17 And* Mount Sinai bellowed from the energy fusion exhaust of twenty thousand (20,000) zzith chariots which hovered over the Sinai when The LORD descended upon the Mount. After The LORD landed on the Mount, then arose from AMs presence a yearning fire of Love intense as magnitudes of syntonic burnings.

20,000 zzith chariots [over Sinai] when the LORD descended- [compare Psalm 68:17-18] syntone burnings- Furnace. [compare Genesis 15:17 (KJV)] Abraham experienced the syntonic fire as a preparation of the Abrahams Bosom covenant. [see Peace Manifest Bible, Rare Biblical Insights Lexicon: Abrahams Bosom]

Deuteronomy 5:1 And after the breaking of the First Revelation Tables… after the Second Revelation Tables were made… Moses called all Israel and said: Hear the Statutes and Judgements that I have to speak to you so that you will learn them, obey them, and commit to their instructions. ( Be sure to not miss understanding that the first time Moses came down from the mount and saw the Golden Calf he immediately broke the first set of tables. Therefore, all experiences and declaration to the people of Israel occurred in relationship to the second set of tables).

Deuteronomy 5:2 These are the sayings of The LORD our God about the covenant with us in Horeb.

Deuteronomy 5:3 The Lord did not bind this covenant on our Fathers but has made it with us who our alive this day.

Deuteronomy 5:4 And the elders said: How Awesome! The LORD our God has shown us AMs glory and greatness and we have heard AMs voice through Moses our Prophet who has spoken to the LORDs Shekinah glory face-to-face with the Aura Glory face of Moses. And Moses has learned the language of The Tens which was spoken in the LORDs amtrictic fire voice of Memra and did not die.

Deuteronomy 5:25 For we heard the thunder of Gods voice: I saw the Fire! The Prophet told us The Message. Let that be our history for we are not ready of spirit to hear more lest we die.

Deuteronomy 5:26 For who is there among mortals who has heard even the extent that we elders have? For we heard Gods voice speak out of the fire and yet we did not die. Note- [compare Exodus 20:21-22 and Deuteronomy 34:10 (KJV)]
After the breaking of the first set of tables and after the making of the second set the following event occurred: Deuteronomy 27:9 And* Moses and the priests of the Levites spoke unto all Israel and said: Take heed, O Israel! This day by the mystery of The Mystery you are become the elect people of The LORD your God. So it was synecdoched, these words were indelibly etched subconsciously into all Israels hearts:
The Second Revelation that was written by the finger of God on the two tablets after being rewritten contained also the First Revelation but in invisible form which could only become magnified to visibility by knowing the voice code of Memra. The two covenants of the free and the bond which are entwined with the covenant of the Blessings and the Curses are metaphorically four mountains: Compare, Deuteronommy 27:11-13 KJV and Galatians 4: 22-26, KJV).

And these are the Curses: Deuteronomy 27:15-26, and these are the Blessings: Deuteronomy 28:1-13. So then, the two tablets visible and invisible are four. The first two tablets were Blessings of Love and Grace. The last two tablets were curses and judgement. By great mercy the Lord allowed two of the main Love Blessings to stay visible which are called the Love Commandment One and Commandment Two.

Now its understood that the coming of The Anointed One to fulfill the law of the Blessings of Love and Grace has by His offering of Life, nailed to the cross forever the second tables part of the part that spoke the curses. It is not that these laws were in themselves evil but, rather, the given condemnation of the offenders made it empty of salvation.

The Law of the second commandments (second two tablets) due to its attachment of the curse of judgement hangs suspended in a chord of sayings prolonged as a temporary discord until the act of Grace releases them from suspension and disconnects them from the sayings of Blessings in the Grace and Love of The Anointed One.

NOTE- [compare Deuteronomy 29:4 and Habakkuk 2:2-4,11,14 and 2 Corinthians 3:6-11 (KJV)] First Revelation, invisible, could only be magnified to visibility by knowing voice code of Memra- [compare Isaiah 42:18-21 and 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 (KJV)].

SO THEN, THE two covenants of the free and the bond, the Blessings and the Curses are metaphorically four mountains- [compare Galatians 4:22-26 and Deuteronomy 27:11-13] or as it may be said in mystery: the four mountains are four tablets.
Commandment One and Commandment Two- [compare Matthew 22:36-40, Mark 12:28-31, and Luke 10:25-28]

the Law hangs suspended- [compare Matthew 22:40]

Deuteronomy 27:9.1 (30-Fold) And* after the revelation of the deep inscription engraved with coded letters of Memra of the Word of Tens, the leadership of Israel understood because of Israels transgression with the golden calf all revelation being given to them was under a veil. (Paul’s glass darkly)

[compare Isaiah 42:18-21 and 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 (KJV)]

*Habakkuk 2:1 I will stand upon my watch upon the watchtower to wait before The LORD. When The LORD reveals the vision, I will then learn my errors after the vision is opened.

*Habakkuk 2:2 Then Yahvael revealed many things to me in a great vision and said: Write this revelation I have revealed to you. Manifest its shining words so that whosoever is willing to perceive it can be quickened in understanding the ancient history of messages in mystery. And* further The LORD answered me and said, This is what I said to Moses: Write the vision upon the tables of the covenant deeply so that whosoever does not know the Code of Tens will dare not try to interpret the vision.

*Habakkuk 2:3 For this revelation must be revealed at its destined and appointed time. Although some persons will say it is a lie it is nevertheless the truth. When the time is ripe for it to be told, nothing will be able to hold it back you will be enlightened suddenly!

Note- [compare Habakkuk 2:14 (KJV)] destined and appointed time- Instead of appointed time KJV

*Habakkuk 2:3.1 (30-Fold) For the first vision is yet for an appointed Time, but in the time of the Anointed One, AM shall open the seals and the mystery of the vision of The Thunder shall be known. Therefore tarry for the Holy Spirit for then suddenly, like a mighty rushing wind knowledge will fill the Earth and all the people who are as waters of the seas.

Habakkuk 2:4 For The LORD understands that your Souls in heaven are not corrupted as your earthly bodies are on Earth. Nevertheless, so that you may fasten your heavenly goodness to yourself whereby to overcome your earthly state, The LORD says: Whosoever that will be just, I will give to be born again to eternal life through their faith of believing.

Matthew 22:36 A certain lawyer then asked: Master, regarding the commands written in the Law of Moses, which of the commandments is the greatest? first and second sets of tablets- [compare Exodus 24:12; 31:18;32:16,19;34:1,4,28-29; 2 Corinthians 3:7, 13-15 (MIV); Matthew 22:36-40 (MIV); Galatians 3:19 (MIV)]

Matthew 22:37 Jesus answering said: The greatest of all commandments is to love The LORD thy God with a full desire (heart), with your whole being (soul), and with an acknowledged consciousness of your mind.

Matthew 22:38 This commandment is the Alpha of the commandments and the greatest of all the commandments.

Matthew 22:39 The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Matthew 22:40 On these two statements (commandments) the whole concept of right and wrong is framed.

Mark 12:28 And it was so, that one of the scribes, having overheard Jesus reasoning with several enquirers, perceived that Jesus was unique of style and wit. The scribe, being very curious about Jesus, decided to test the answers of Jesus further. So it was, he asked Jesus: Of all the commands given by Moses, which commandment is the foremost of them all?

Mark 12:29 And* Jesus answered: We are instructed there is only one LORD our God and we are to hear what the Spirit of the Word is saying regarding this.

Mark 12:30 Inasmuch as it is said in the first commandment (Commandment One): You shall love The LORD your God with all your love and with all your spirit and with all your mind, then it must be reasoned that using all love, all spirit, and all mind, allows no other leftover energy. Therefore, to love your neighbor as you love yourself, all other uses of the spirit and mind should be rendered unto God in order to fulfill the first commandment of all of (Commandment One).

Mark 12:31 Therefore, the second commandment (Commandment Two) to love your neighbor as you love your self takes on supreme importance because this act requires the rendering of it to God. For if a person does not love oneself, then such lovelessness may by a limited understanding be passed on to the neighbor. The first and second commandments (Commandment One and Commandment Two) are the greatest of all commandments.

Luke 10:25 And* a certain lawyer stood up, being hired by the Sanhedrin, and tempted Christ: Master, what should such a one as I need to do to inherit eternal life?

Luke 10:26 Then Jesus asked him, What does the Law say? What is your interpretation of the Law?

Luke 10:27 Then replied the lawyer: There is only one God, and Scripture says we are to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. The next commandment teaches we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Luke 10:28 And… Jesus answering replied, The fullness of spiritual love is this: You must love The LORD your God not only with your physical mentality, but you must learn to be conscious of directing your Soul love also to God. And, secondly, by this same commitment you must learn to merge in this love with whom once you were as an Ophannim neighbour. And* the Lord Jesus said unto him, Therefore, you have perceived correctly the first orders of the Love of God. Follow this truth and life will abide with you.

Please do not draw any conclusions of this teaching until you view the coming BIBLE MAP TO THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF GOD…PART TWO AND PART THREE.


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