Some people think that when Loves comes it will come with pursed lips open arms and emotional actions. But Love most often comes in a Love Suit. Being clothed in acts of caring kindness and consideration is the real Love Suit. The processing of loving thoughts toward those you love has a way of sheening one’s self with character and countenance like nothing else. An angel can see Love sheening on a person instantly; for humans it takes a little more time.

Love sheening is very pronounced in facial expressions and body motions. Nevertheless one should not judge the exterior as an only basis for the thermometer of Love. If a person is truly Love connected of heart to those held in Love or compassion it frees vibrations of the body and the spirit in a way nothing else compares.

The heart has a deep separation of connection to entities from one to another of those whom Love is generated….. it does a kind of vibration fingerprinting of each subject of Love and sends this signal to the brain for storage and neuron reactions. Love is not a cup of flour that is the same of substance for all cakes. Love is a many splendored thing and comes in many colors and rhythms. So then Love can be both divisible and indivisible.

Love is a flower garden designed in heavens of spiritual thought. Nothing compares to its tenderness and its power. Possessors of Love are rich beyond description of words. The empowered vocabulary of Love is transcending and descending and is a healing solvent for the spirit.

True Love is not lust. True love never forsakes never reverses never disincorporates its cuddle of once-loved persons but rather holds those whom have rejected their love in a reservoir of loving memory.

God is attracted to Love and as well so are AMs angels. The yearnings of Love are a lighthouse whose beams in lighting the darkness provide the way of hope for those on the sea of life.

Loving God creates self healing for the human body because doing so opens its mind pores to a knowledge higher than suffering. Such experiences prolonged produce creative ability.

Love in the human realm projected without lust can suffer in its unanswered yearnings but never suffers due to Love itself. Love that creates suffering due to Love is spangled with lust.

Love is as a sailing vessel that can generate its own winds gird its own wings and lift off unlimited weight of hurts.

Blessed are those who will hear these words and apply them for they shall grow in Love in a most wonderful way and their Suit of Love shall shine as the stars forever.

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